As the leading provider of managed trading infrastructure to the financial industry, Options Telemetry Services are built into our core for real-time market data monitoring as a service.

What is it?

Through Options R&D, our Telemetry Service is a next-generation, industry-leading market data monitoring solution. It offers a holistic view of your market data network leveraging a state-of-the-art FPGA, evergreen ecosystem. Adding to our robust suite of transparent monitoring tools, the service allows you to break down gaps by feed, offers PCAP replay and inspection, allows streaming capability to collect and boasts a zero-packet loss architecture.

Our Telemetry Services address a significant challenge across the industry to be able to deploy frictionless monitoring services across your market data – globally. The solution takes the months of fine-tuning, installing, and configuring down to immediate insight when using our market data hosting services.

Our best-practice in infrastructure design, ultra-low latency market data and hardware-based FPGAs allows Options IT clients access to unparalleled Market Data Monitoring globally across our backbone.