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Where will a career with Options take you?

Here at Options, we pride ourselves on recruiting the best talent and ensuring that working life is as varied, interesting, and collaborative as possible. Our locations are an important part of who we are, and what we do. Nothing prevents us from supporting our customers worldwide.

As a company, we have experienced exceptional growth, which means there’s never a dull moment when delivering our products and solutions to customers. We’ve built a vibrant culture and actively encourage our team to problem solve and innovate. We recruit people who are truly passionate about what we do and how we serve our customers.

Approximately 60% of our employees are under the age of 30, so we are naturally energetic, collaborative, and social.

Our history is important, but what we do next matters most – we need the right talent to reach our ambitious goals.

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Graduate & placement programme

You own your career, you choose your own path, and we provide the opportunities to make it happen.

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Apprenticeship programme

At Options we are focused on creating a learning environment that enables you to develop and flourish in all aspects of your work.

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Our global offices

Global Capital Markets Village

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New York USA

Options' New York office, offers an exceptional work environment in the heart of Manhattan's financial district. It offers a modern and collaborative workspace, which creates a dynamic atmosphere that enhances professional growth, fosters innovation and being on the doorstep of Wall Street, we’re in the heart of the action.

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London England

Options' London office, situated on Pall Mall, stands out as an exceptional workplace with its prime location in the heart of London. With the sophisticated workspace and proximity to key iconic London landmarks, our office creates an inspiring environment, fostering collaboration and professional development for the dedicated team at Options.

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Hong Kong

Options Hong Kong office is located in the heart of Central at, Golden Centre, Des Voeux Road. With its vibrant surroundings and stunning cityscape views, our office provides an inspiring backdrop for innovation, making it an ideal hub for our team to collaborate within an exciting work environment.

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Singapore Singapore

Options' Singapore office is situated in a central location on Peck Seah Street with a vibrant atmosphere. The dynamic workspace fosters collaboration and innovation, making it an awesome place for the Options team to socialise, thrive and enjoy their work.

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Tokyo Japan

Tucked away in the futuristic embrace of Tokyo, our Options office at Shin-Marunouchi Building is like a tech playground in the heart of the city's vibrant beats. This office is not just an office address; it's a passport to work where innovation meets the neon lights of Marunouchi, making every workday an adventure in the heart of Japan's electric energy.

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Chicago USA

Nestled in the vibrant 125 South Wacker Drive, Options' Chicago office combines a prime location with a modern, collaborative workspace, fostering a dynamic and innovative environment. Here, our team enjoys the energy of Chicago's business district and a personalized workspace that inspires teamwork and contributes to Options' success.

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Toronto Canada

Options Toronto office, perched on the 5th floor at 180 John St, offers a front-row seat to the tech symphony in the heart of Toronto's hustle. The modern finish to our Toronto office offers a sophisticated and collaborative workplace, where our employees can collaborate, create, and transform everyday challenges into opportunities.

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Paris France

Options' Parisian hub at Rue de Courcelles is not just an office; it's a space where our team thrives amidst the energy of Paris. The central location, paired with the vibrant atmosphere, offers a modern workplace where our team can collaborate, socialise, and grow both personally and professionally.

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Cambridge England

Options' Cambridge office, situated at Clarendon House, is not your typical workspace; it's where tech brilliance meets the intellectual vibes of the city. This is where our Options team embarks on a daily exploration of innovation and collaboration, creative an exciting environment where great technologists and business people love to work, love to grow, and love to work together.

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Auckland New Zealand

Situated in the vibrant hive of creativity, our Options office in Auckland is not your average workplace—it's a buzzing tech haven overlooking the shores of Takapuna. With an office location so cool, it's practically a beachside tech fiesta, every workday is a celebration of innovation that makes it the perfect spot for the Options crew to ride the wave of success.

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Belfast Northern Ireland

Options' Belfast office is located on Adelaide Street in the heart of Belfast's city centre. With a state-of-the-art training room and AI hub, ping pong tables, and our very own gym, our Belfast space provides an environment where great technologists and business people love to work, love to grow, and hangout together.

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Benefits & Rewards

At Options, we're dedicated to empowering our diverse workforce by providing a range of programs and benefits tailored to their unique needs and locations. From globally consistent offerings to locally customized resources, we ensure every employee has the support they need to thrive both at work and in their personal lives.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

Stay protected and supported with a comprehensive benefits package, including medical insurance, life assurance, income protection, and more.

Performance Bonuses

Get rewarded for your hard work and dedication with performance bonuses that recognize and celebrate your contributions to our success.

Financial Wellbeing

In addition to competitive compensation, Options offers robust pension and 401(k) plans, providing peace of mind and stability for your retirement years.

Professional Growth Initiatives

Fuel your growth and unlock your full potential with ongoing learning, development, and leadership programmes tailored to support your career progression.

Parental Leave

Enjoy valuable time off and support with our parental leave programme. We offer generous paid parental leave designed to help you balance work and family responsibilities during life's most important moments.

Employee Assistance Programs

Access confidential support and resources through our employee assistance programme, providing guidance and assistance to navigate life's challenges.

Commuting & Travel Support

Make your commute easier and more affordable with our commuting and travel support schemes, including cycle-to-work scheme and travel loan assistance.

Exclusive Perks & More!

Unlock a treasure trove of exclusive perks and discover even more benefits tailored to support your personal and professional growth. Join us today and explore the world of opportunities waiting for you at Options!

Meet Our People

Our dedicated team drives innovation, fosters collaboration, and shapes the future of FinTech. Get to know the diverse individuals behind our success, each bringing unique perspectives and talents to our dynamic workplace culture.

Hear directly from our talented team members as they share their experiences, insights, and perspectives on life at Options Technology.

"Options provides the perfect environment for professional growth and development, with a supportive team and cutting-edge technology."

Robert Fox Network Engineer New York

"At Options, every day presents new opportunities to excel and make a real impact in the financial sector."

Savannah Nguyen Sales Executive London

"Being part of Options means being part of a global family, where every voice is heard and valued."

Jane Cooper Office Manager Hong Kong

"I'm proud to work for Options, where dedication to customer satisfaction is paramount, and excellence is the standard."

Floyd Miles Technical Support Engineer Singapore

"Options empowers me to push the boundaries of innovation while collaborating with a diverse team of experts."

Michael Harris Software Engineer Chicago

Culture and Community

At Options, our vibrant culture revolves around social engagement and community impact. From exciting bake-offs to adventurous hikes, laid-back social evenings to spirited Viking boat races, we cherish the spirit of togetherness. Even when not jet-setting across the globe, we love exploring the outdoors.

Options is dedicated to community involvement and fundraising, supporting organizations. Our in-house charity, the Robin Hood Project, raised $250,000 during the Covid-19 pandemic, aiding frontline workers with essential supplies.

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Award-Winning Excellence

At Options Technology, we take pride in our recent accolades, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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