At Options we believe that the requirements of Capital Markets firms presents the most complex, challenging, and fun environment to deliver IT services on the planet. Due to our experience, legacy and expertise we’ve an exceptional understanding of these needs and are uniquely placed to deliver services into the sector.
We believe Options is number one for speed and agility. However, we also believe that Capital Market’s IT is much more complex than speed. Yes, client’s need to be fast to market and in some cases execute trades in nanos, both these necessary attributes are at the core of our business; but they also have to be at the vanguard of Cybersecurity, IT Accreditations, Compliance and Regulation across multiple jurisdictions alongside operating truly global business (and infrastructures).

Most forward-looking CIOs are under considerable board pressure to cut costs in legacy businesses and leverage the best of emerging Public Cloud and mobile technologies.

We strive to be first in the pack and deliver best of breed solutions encompassing the full spectrum of client requirements.