At Options we believe that our culture sets us apart. For many years we’ve strived to create a customer centric company culture where great technologists and business people love to work, love to grow, and love to work together. We believe that an environment that nurtures curiosity, fun and collaboration is central to peak team performance in the long term, in the most demanding of industries.

We also believe that despite being “global” the Capital Markets technology sector is more akin to a village community where relationships matter and getting the small things right can make a huge difference in the long term.

These beliefs provided a compass through the many challenges 2020 threw up. We moved early and proactively to move all our desktop clients to remote working at no charge for either the migration, or in many cases their remote working infrastructure. The team has collective run around the globe on My Virtual Mission and launched an high impact charitable effort to support frontline medical teams fighting the COVID 1st Wave, The Robinhood Project.

It’s not all work at Options. When we’re not racking up air miles travelling the world, we like to stretch our legs in the great outdoors.