Simplify your life: be an asset manager not a technology manager.

Full Technology Outsource

Managed Platform provides customers with a single outsourced technology service encompassing all aspects of financial sector technology. The service is delivered globally with a particular focus on key technology centres in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

The platform has three broad components:

(i) desktop, communication and access technology delivered from the cloud,

(ii) the design, build and maintenance of physical office and network infrastructure, and

(iii) the management of all aspects of technology, desktop support, onsite, delivery management, vendor management and purchasing.

Managed Platform leverages Options’ more than 20 years of experience in the sector to provide a single, fully integrated, end-to-end technology solution for the global financial services industry. It blends security, compliance and engineering best practice with the latest advances in cloud and mobile technology, all delivered with a personal touch.

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Application Hosting

Managed Applications is an application management solution that combines a global platform, for hosting dozens of customer proprietary applications, with a standardised full service model for the delivery of many leading financial front, middle and back-office systems from Options’ private cloud.

The Options private cloud platform has a number of components, including a global managed network, data centre space in over 30 key financial sector locations, security and compliance, flexible storage via SAN, hot-hot failover architecture with disaster recovery (and database replication), daily backups to tape, physical and virtual servers running multiple Windows, Linux and Unix variants as required. The majority of solutions are delivered as Cloud services over Citrix.

The service layer includes solution design and delivery management, technical account management, 24×7 follow-the-sun support, purchasing and vendor management. Customers also leverage a highly experienced global engineering team encompassing Windows and networks engineering teams, Unix and DBA with over 20 years experience managing complex financial applications.

Managed Applications transforms application implementation projects for financial firms as the underlying global network and data centre infrastructure is already in place. Additionally, it’s bullet proof and implemented to investment bank standards which will in turn slash costs, lead times and base implementation risk. The platform, engineering and delivery expertise greatly simplify software deployment further de-risking projects, all within an industry leading post production operational framework.

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Professional Services

Professional Services provides technology consultancy to the global financial industry.

Our platform expertise equips us to help clients share, protect and manage their data with greater ease and less overhead. Our system administrators are aware of and prepared for dealing with the most advanced components on the market. They know how to integrate new hardware and software into clients’ existing IT infrastructures without disrupting business operations.

Deep sector knowledge and experience enables the team to help select, deploy, tune and support the right portfolio management solution for their clients. Professional Services are industry-leading experts in Advent Geneva®, Advent APX®, Advent Axys®, Tradar Insight® Sungard VPM®.

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