Overview: Market Data

Options is the go-to provider of low-latency high-quality market data sourced from anywhere in the world, that can be delivered anywhere in the world. We consume an enormous breadth of data from hundreds of exchanges and liquidity providers around the world. We power ultra-low-latency trading strategies with single-digit nanosecond delivery, and global trading strategies via ultra-reliable data feeds with access to the world’s liquidity. We are the first and currently only provider of real-time streaming market data into every public cloud.


Post Trade Data Solutions

Enterprise Distribution Solution


  • Next generation market data solution, offering enhanced latency and throughput characteristics for direct exchange feed processing
  •  Data offering can be grouped depending on latency:

Raw streaming market data

  • Ultra-low-latency L1 handoffs
  • Diverse, resilient routing
  • Global cross asset-class coverage

Normalized streaming market data

  • API with low latency multicast or TCP delivery
  • Realtime streaming in AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Exceptional resiliency and stability
  • Global distribution of global content

Tickerplant on demand

  • Snapshot data on demand
  • Display integration and entitlements
  • On-demand time series tick data

In summary

  • Collection, distribution, and control of all type of vendor feeds and direct exchange feeds for any application
  • Works in conjunction with enterprise distribution to let clients manage competing data sources and integrate with their existing platforms

Post Trade Data Solutions

  •  Best-in-class normalized historical tick data content, enhanced by excellent timing services at source and receipt
  •  Allows granular and accurate top of book and full order book data, crucial for compliance, pricing, risk management or proprietary analytics
  •  API based access, complete with pre calculated intraday and daily OHLCV bars for charting analytics
  •  Integrated with most of the leading database technologies popular across the street
  • Key offering can be grouped in two buckets:

Data Capture as a Service

  • Lossless normalized data capture
  • End of day pricing service
  • Raw local .pcap data capture

Back-Testing and Trade Analytics

  • Data replay server
  • KX integration
  • Packets2Disk integration

Enterprise Distribution Solution

  • Suite of integration and interoperability components that allow clients to integrate data sources and platforms from different providers in a vendor-neutral way
  • Firms have built multiple applications built on legacy provider APIs. Changing from one platform to another one is complicated and time consuming. Options’ enterprise distribution solution removes this problem
    and complexity and helps clients manage and enhance complex IT environments with minimum effort and risk