ActivFeed is the industry’s leading normalized consolidated data feed service, supporting hundreds of markets across multiple asset classes. ActivFeed carries complete content sets from the most demanding data sources, including OPRA. Accessed through modern API’s, the feed uses an efficient proprietary protocol to ensure integrity through lossless data compression, supported by a fully resilient, high availability network. For real-time, delayed, conflated, or end of day FTP delivery, ActivFeed offers you the greatest performance, reliability, and range of accessibility for mission critical market data. Market data is a difficult content set to handle, let ActivFeed do the work for you

ACTIV Content Platform (ACP)

The ACTIV Content Platform (“ACP”) is a fully integrated stack of software applications that collect, normalize, and distribute real time exchange content sets. With a full suite of feed handlers, real-time and historical databases, distribution gateways, and entitlement and reporting tools, ACP offers a complete market data management system with many deployment options, including server-less options, to suite your application requirements. Together these components can process direct feeds or the consolidated ActivFeed formats, all configured at the site(s) your workflow demands. The platform brings together exchange price information, calculated fields, reference data and corporate actions for a data rich service. Historical databases provide real time and historical tick data for analytics and charting functionality. The API supports advanced request syntax with optional filtering, conflation and delay options so your application can choose the quality of service best suited to its needs.

ACTIV One Platform (AOP)

ACTIV One Platform (AOP) is our next generation market data management solution, offering enhanced latency and throughput characteristics for direct exchange feed processing. As the industry’s first data model agnostic platform, AOP solves problems of enterprise data integration and distribution in a fully vendor-neutral way. AOP manages collection, distribution, and control of all manner of vendor feeds, direct exchange feeds, and nonmarket data content sets for any application from performance trading to static data management.

No firm can allow complete dependency on one vendor, and no customer wants to be locked into expensive sole-supplier relationships. AOP works in conjunction with our EDIS toolkit to let you manage competing data sources and integrates with your existing platforms. Own the playing field and get the best of each of your content sources in an open and robust real time messaging platform

Enterprise Data Integration Services (EDIS)

EDIS is a suite of integration and interoperability components that allow you to integrate data sources and platforms from different providers in a vendor-neutral way. EDIS can help you manage and enhance complex IT environments with minimum effort and project risk

Example functions for which EDIS provides off-the-shelf components are:

​ –Importing third-party sources such as ACTIV, Refinitiv, Bloomberg.

–Integrating ACTIV data into existing distribution platforms, e.g. TREP or OpenMAMA.

–Protocol conversions e.g. to or from FIX.

–Permission data across multiple sources based on ACTIV’s content licensing system or Refinitiv DACS. Other third-party or in-house systems can be integrated using the service model.

–Data mapping and symbology cross-referencing. ACTIV supports Magtia or its own mapping engine. Again, alternatives can be integrated via the service model.

Historical Data Services

With a deluge of market information leading to huge data volumes, handling historical tick data has become complex and costly. Whether for compliance, pricing, risk management or proprietary analytics, granular and accurate top of book and full order book data are crucial content services. ACTIV offers best-in-class normalized historical tick data content, enhanced by excellent timing services at source and receipt.

ACTIV offers full tick-by-tick data plus intraday snapshots and EOD service by daily FTP download; or you can access our historical archive in AWS S3. We also offer API-based access, complete with pre-calculated intraday and daily OHLCV bars, for charting analytics and other applications.

Our time series data is enhanced with appropriate corporate actions and robust DQ support. ACTIV’s tick data has been integrated with most of the leading database technologies popular across the street, please check our third party ISV list for a comprehensive view of vendors and software providers who understand why quality sets ACTIV apart.