Telemetry Monitoring

As an extranet serving up realtime multicast market data, it is imperative that we can detect data quality issues in real time. Combining FPGA based hardware tools for latency, microburst and gap detection with Options’ industry leading monitoring platform, Telemetry CK offers a transparent and holistic, single pane of glass view of service health by monitoring the data’s entire journey.


Trade Feed Monitoring:

  • Breakdown of All Gaps by Feed
  • Capability to Monitor 4096 Groups
  • Zero Packet Loss Architecture
  • PCAP Replay and Inspection Capability
  • Streaming Capability to Collector
  • Real-time Performance

Wan Latency Monitoring:

  • Realtime Alerting
  • Realtime Network Diagrams
  • Historical Latency Analysis

Watch our video to see our telemetry monitoring Solution with Options explained:

From the point of ingress to our network, from an exchange, right through to the point of egress, where we hand off the data to your network, Options offer an unprecedented level of vendor transparency and accountability throughout this complete passage.