At Options we believe that our culture sets us apart. For many years we’ve strived to create a customer centric company culture where great technologists and business people love to work, love to grow, and love to work together. We believe that an environment that nurtures curiosity, fun and collaboration is central to peak team performance in the long term, in the most demanding of industries.

We also believe that despite being “global” the Capital Markets technology sector is more akin to a village community where relationships matter and getting the small things right can make a huge difference in the long term.

These beliefs provided a compass through the many challenges 2020 threw up. We moved early and proactively to move all our desktop clients to remote working at no charge for either the migration, or in many cases their remote working infrastructure. The team has collective run around the globe on My Virtual Mission and launched an high impact charitable effort to support frontline medical teams fighting the COVID 1st Wave, The Robinhood Project.

It’s not all work at Options. When we’re not racking up air miles travelling the world, we like to stretch our legs in the great outdoors.

One Team, One Dream – Mourne Seven Summits

24th May, 2021

The Seven Summits captured in moment: “brace yourself” I called back to Orla and Niall ten metres behind as I rounded the first (false) summit of Slieve Binnian, Peak 6. Shortly after there were gasps of “what!?”, “no”, and other expletives…

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Celebrating Options’ Women

8th March, 2021

Since 2019 Options has seen a 41% increase in female colleagues with some of these women already establishing themselves in leadership positions.  Last September, Options appointed its first female SVP, Terry Hughes, who has acted as a catalyst and role model for further positive change…

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One Memory in a Memorable Year

23rd December, 2020

Now we’re in the middle of the holiday season with 2020 coming to a close I took a moment to reflect on my favourite work memory (or memories) of the year…

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How Options Ran The World In 2020

27th November, 2020

At the beginning of lockdown, we decided as a company to get out and active. With the lifestyle change from a bustling, sociable office, with lots of regular travel, to a more sedentary lifestyle, many felt they were in need of some fresh fitness motivation…

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Five Nanos and Fibre Taps

23rd October, 2020

Here at Options, when we say we are “on a mission to transform the financial sector”, we mean it. In recent times…

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World Mental Health Day – Working In Social Isolation Revisited

9th October, 2020

Here at Options, we’ve been working from home for several months now. In these unprecedented times, it’s important to remind ourselves how far we have come and the key learnings which now shape our ‘new reality’. That’s why we have decided to mark…

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Grabbing Opportunity in a Whole New World

20th May, 2020

A few observers have noted that the COVID-19 shock will force business and people in general to bound forwards on communication technology adoption…

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Internal MEMO: Q1 Summary / Be Kind

12th April, 2020

A note from Options CEO and President, Danny Moore…

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Robin Hood Project: COVID-19 Response

25th March, 2020

Finance firms, including those in the FinTech sector, get a bad rap from time to time. New York’s “Robin Hood Foundation”, effectively the charitable wing of the Hedge Fund industry, tries to provide a counterbalance…

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Flattening the Curve this St Patrick’s Day

18th March, 2020

Spring has come around again and with it, St Patrick’s Day – though this year has been a little different…

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Cybersecurity Update: EternalDarkness

16th March, 2020

It never rains but it pours. Over the last two weeks many firms opted to suspend cybersecurity patch schedules to reduce churn while they focus…

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COVID-19 Strategy: Remote Infrastructure Capacity

15th March, 2020

For many who are still weathering the business continuity challenges of COVID-19, and arguably the greater challenge of unprecedented demand for remote working

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Probably the Best Home Office?

12th March, 2020

“What kit should I buy my staff to keep them productive at home?” is probably the most popular question we’re receiving from our clients in light of the Covid-19 outbreak, as companies are putting their BCP WFH processes to the test…

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Uncovering Threats Using Windows Event Logs

28th August, 2019

Despite being around for decades, Windows Event Logging is still one of the most valuable (and underestimated) data sources available…

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Client Partnerships and Expectations

23rd July, 2019

Two weeks ago the CTO of one of our key New York based clients was visiting his European offices and offered to drop into our Belfast office to spend some time with the team…

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Detecting and Preventing Data Loss through Email

9th July, 2019

While most of us may have developed a knack for blocking incoming spam, flagging suspicious looking email and spotting a Phish, applying the same cautionary approach…

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Options: Employer for the Future

29th May, 2019

Options is nominated in this year’s Irish News Workplace & Employment Awards and to celebrate, we’re taking a closer look at our three shortlisted categories…

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Staying Startup in a Growth Company

30th April, 2019

When I joined Options in 2013, I was fortunate enough to already know some of the team having previously worked with them in Wombat…

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Celebrating Women in Tech

28th March 2019

At Options we have always been serious about creating the best global technology organisation in our business. The need for balance across a number of fronts has been a cornerstone of that strategy…

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We are Women in Tech

20th March 2019

On Wednesday, 6th March, five members of the Options team attended the Women In Technology Conference in Titanic Belfast…

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Bringing Balance to “The Land of the Clones”

8th March 2019

At Options we’re serious about building the best global technology organisation in our business. Creating balance across a number of fronts has been a cornerstone of that strategy…

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