Options Technology Appoints Marlena Efstratopoulou as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to Lead Integrated Security Approach

New York, Feb 15th, Options Technology (Options), a trailblazer in Capital Markets infrastructure proudly announces the appointment of Marlena Efstratopoulou as the new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Marlena’s elevation to this key role marks a pivotal moment for Options as it reinforces its commitment to a unified and robust security strategy.

Having previously served as Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO) at the company, Marlena brings a wealth of experience and a proven record of accomplishment of excellence in cybersecurity and risk management. Her journey at Options began in October 2021 following the acquisition of the Fixnetix division from DXC, where she served as CSO. She succeeds John Gracey, who held the CSO position since 2017.

The decision to combine the roles of CRO and CSO reflects Options strategic shift towards a risk-driven security approach. Marlena’s appointment underscores the company’s aim to integrate security and risk functions seamlessly, leveraging a holistic understanding of the threat landscape to drive informed decisions.

“In today’s dynamic cybersecurity landscape, a comprehensive and integrated security approach is paramount,” remarked Danny Moore, President, and CEO. “Marlena’s appointment as CISO signifies our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of security for our clients and partners.”

Marlena’s vision for the role is clear: to transition security from being perceived as a “blocker” to an “enabler.” By aligning security decisions with real and perceived risks to the business, she aims to embed security principles across all facets of the organization. This approach not only enhances collaboration and communication but also streamlines decision-making processes, leading to more efficient resource allocation and budgeting.

“I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in my new role as CISO,” expressed Marlena. “The challenges we face in cybersecurity require innovative solutions and strategic thinking. I am eager to lead Options towards a future where security is not just a necessity but a strategic advantage.”

Marlena’s appointment comes at a time when cybersecurity threats are on the rise, underscoring the importance of a proactive and unified security posture. With Marlena at the helm, Options is poised to navigate these challenges effectively and continue delivering unparalleled value to its stakeholders.


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