Managed Network: Innovative Technology Infrastructure


Options has a pioneering approach to technology for the Financial Services Sector. The Options PIPE® is an innovative, worldwide technology platform offering general business, trading, and high performance IT infrastructure as a fully managed and supported service. Clients connect to the PIPE network via high quality private circuits to receive resilient, optimised technology services and avoid the costs and compromises of DIY technology.

A fresh perspective on high end technologies for financial services. The same user experience as if the network and servers were located in the next room.

“Trading Technology Infrastructure as a Service”

The Options PIPE® and the service packages provided from the PIPE platform are leading examples of technology infrastructure as a service (“IaaS”). IaaS is an evolution in the delivery of business-critical services to businesses that wish to focus efforts and resources on their own core competencies and to purchase higher quality, more cost-efficient services from an organisation that specialises in those services.

Many financial trading entities depend upon an advanced and robust technology infrastructure in order to perform. But very few have sufficient knowledge, experience, or breadth of skills for designing, building and maintaining a robust and capable technology platform for their business. Traditionally businesses have outsourced some or all of these important tasks to consultancies who deliver designs, hardware, and services on a fresh-build basis repetitively to each individual client.

The substantial costs and lead times associated with this fresh-build approach lead to compromises and ultimately to a lower quality, less robust platform that is an inefficient, inflexible foundation for the performance of the client’s business.

State of the Art, Yet Proven

PIPE services can be delivered with the same user experience as if the network and servers were located in the next room but with the significant additional savings, safety, performance and flexibility of a proven, purpose-built, centralised, state-of-the-art global platform that is operated and supported 24×7 by experts with long term experience within the investment industry.

Full Service & Support

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the PIPE platform is a client’s access to high quality support,SLAs, and deep, industry-specific expertise across the widest range of relevant technologies when it is needed the most. The Options PIPE & Support Desk is manned during extended business hours in all main trading regions and operates a follow-the-sun and 24×7 issues management process for business-critical problems and projects in accordance with the Options PIPE SLA.

Pool of IT Expertise

Most businesses find it difficult to locate, hire and retain technical staff who have a depth of technical expertise combined with sufficient experience with both technologies and the business context in which these technologies are being used. Combine this with wide range of different technologies required to make modern investment organisation competitive and technical human resources quickly become the biggest constraint on the progress and success of your business. With so many businesses trying to hire and retain the same skills, expertise and experience are one of the biggest challenges.

At Options we are in the unique position of operating and evolving a large, centralised platform with characteristics that attract the best technologists in the business.

Unique Approach Brings Benefits

Notable benefits of the PIPE IaaS design include rapid times-to-market, flexibility, quality and cost savings. These advantages are inherent in the PIPE and distinguish Options from traditional technology service providers.