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Robin Hood Project: COVID-19 Response

25th March, 2020

Finance firms, including those in the FinTech sector, get a bad rap from time to time. New York’s “Robin Hood Foundation”, effectively the charitable wing of the Hedge Fund industry, tries to provide a counterbalance…

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COVID-19: Office Reopening Staff Survey Results

19th June, 2020

At Options we have a lot of experience troubleshooting instability in complex global systems, be it networks, storage, etc. Viewing the COVID-19 pandemic through that operational lens, there seems to be conclusive evidence that the lockdowns across the developed world well and truly halted the impact in its tracks…

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A Tribute To Brian Conlon

29th July, 2019

I was very sad to hear the news about Brian Conlon over the weekend. The Northern Ireland technology sector has lost a giant. Our thoughts are with his family who have lost much more.

Reading the eulogies online my feeling is that they haven’t fully captured the impact he had on the software and Fintech sectors in Northern Ireland…

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Probably the Best Home Office?

12th March, 2020

“What kit should I buy my staff to keep them productive at home?” is probably the most popular question we’re receiving from our clients in light of the Covid-19 outbreak, as companies are putting their BCP WFH processes to the test…

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Working in Social Isolation

20th March, 2020

Here at Options we’ve been working from home for several weeks now in order to get ahead of the curve and test our BCP plans. I must admit it came as a shock to the system, particularly for someone who has worked in technical support for five years where it’s crucial to make it into the office…

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