Transparency Through Telemetry: From Gap Detection To A Gap In The Market

Transparency Through Telemetry: From Gap Detection To A Gap In The Market

Transparency Through Telemetry: From Gap Detection To A Gap In The Market

31st March, 2021

Options is excited to announce its new, cutting-edge, real-time market data monitoring service. Telemetry CK’s inherent value goes much beyond gap detection and fittingly lies in its ability to fill the long-lasting gap in financial markets: the need for full transparency from Managed Service Providers. This has been developed in-house by our industry-leading engineering and product team, who boast decades of experience in developing and managing technology bespoke to the financial sector.

Why is Telemetry CK better than any other product on the market today?

Telemetry CK offers a transparent and holistic, single pane of glass view of service health by monitoring the data’s entire journey. This means that from the point of ingress to our network, for example from an exchange, right through to the point of egress, where we hand off the data to your network, we offer an unprecedented level of vendor transparency and accountability throughout this complete passage.  Another crucial component of Telemetry CK is its hardware, as a FPGA based solution.  This enables us to breakdown all gaps by feed, offer PCAP replay and inspection, allow streaming capability to collector and boast a zero-packet loss architecture. Of course, Telemetry CK does all of this without getting overwhelmed as often experienced with other, software-based monitoring solutions available on the market today.

This FPGA-accelerated product wouldn’t be complete without our proactive alerting capabilities. Offering real-time alerting with multiple notification streams to choose from should a data delivery issue be detected.  These notification streams include SMS, Emails, Calls, to specific individuals or teams within your company. Our comprehension of financial markets nuances resulted in alerting, which is also tailored to include market holidays to avoid unnecessary notification.

In keeping with our ethos of transparency, we also offer direct access to our front-end monitoring interface for your engineering or NOC teams to review the data, giving full exposure to system health, the exact same way we see it. This product also offers real-time network diagrams and historical latency analysis, including WAN circuits. We hold all this data for a minimum of 365 days, understanding your regulatory and compliance requirements alongside the need for past data analysis and review.

Evidently, Telemetry CK champions accountability and transparency, but of course this Options product wouldn’t be complete without our reputable tailored approach to accompany it. Our expert team maintain an open dialogue with our clients to design and implement business-logic specific environment monitoring rules, bespoke for you, as we tie this into your applications.

If you would like to benefit from true transparency through Telemetry, with end-to-end network health for critical business flows – including latency, capacity, and underlying hardware analytics – across the Options IT global footprint, please get in touch with our team today at or watch our short video below.

Harley Semple, Colocation Services

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