Celebrating Options’ Women

Celebrating Options' Women

Celebrating Options’ Women

8th March 2021

The male-dominated FinTech sector is often viewed as a challenging place for women to enter and maintain a successful career.  Many of the barriers women face can be dissolved by the power of a supportive team of both women and men, working together towards a common goal.  Within Options we have a Women In Tech committee who meet weekly for a virtual coffee and to discuss how we can support each other both within the company and at an industry level.  Today on International Women’s Day it’s a natural time to reflect and celebrate some of the female team members who have contributed to our success with support from colleagues.

Since 2019 Options has seen a 41% increase in female colleagues with some of these women already establishing themselves in leadership positions.  Last September, Options appointed its first female SVP, Terry Hughes, who has acted as a catalyst and role model for further positive change.

Within the business, females occupy roles in 60% of the teams, and some, such as the EU Managed Colocation team, are made up entirely of female engineers. Our Managed Application team are also predominately female, and 60% of project deliveries in the past year were delivered directly by women, which, when paired with the fact that women account for 22% of the team, is an outstanding achievement.

Across the company women have led on key projects with Emma Brazil responsible for significant savings through the build-out of the Cross Connect automation programme, Shona Carson delivering a strategic internal finance project and Jenna Armstrong who co-ordinated 25+ Penetration Tests in 2020, as well as the inception of Mock Penetration Tests for clients.

Meanwhile, Aileen Kennedy and Dervla Donaghy onboarded one of Options’ largest clients in the US and EU, respectively during the last 12months.

Several key initiatives born in the past year have also been driven primarily by women. For example, anyone reading this blog via our website can thank Sarah Coulter for leading a critical software upgrade on our site while Page McLaughlin became a driving force as Co-CEO of The Robinhood Project, an initiative that has raised over £250k for COVID-19 response efforts.

In 2020, the VIP Client Success Initiative Team was developed by Hannah McCrory in the EU, Colleen Murray in the US, and with Olivia McConaghy and Gabriele Gedminaite leading the equivalent ‘Options Connect’ programme in Asia. Gabriele was also appointed Team Lead for Hong Kong earlier this year.

Continually upskilling has been a focus for many in the business and using Options as a case study Claire McKillen completed a Diploma in Data Analytics while Orlaigh Dugan gained her CIPD Level 5 qualification in UK Employment Law.

In January of this year, Options announced the acquisition of Fixnetix, which wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of Harley Semple, a key member of the deal team.

Options’ team mantra of ‘pulling one another up’ is exemplified throughout the achievements mentioned above, as each female team member has been inspired to succeed by another strong woman leading the way.  That said, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the support, guidance and coaching of our male colleagues, bosses, and friends, who advocate for Women In Tech and help us learn along the way.

Today is a day where we celebrate all women and allies, both in Options and beyond, who have overcome every challenge in the past year; we applaud and thank them for their contributions.

– Options Women In Tech Committee

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