Robin Hood Project – Here we go again

Robin Hood Project - Here we go again

Robin Hood Project – Here we go again

15th October, 2020

With Northern Ireland going back into lockdown from Friday and much of the UK likely not far behind we thought it was a good time to give a Robin Hood Project (RHP) update.

RHP was the Options teams’ direct action project to deliver much-needed help to frontline teams in COVID hospitals in Belfast, London and New York during the first wave of the pandemic in late March and April. We raised £254,392 including £69,000 through a salary sacrifice scheme. More important though, we had a team of 30 people engaged for three months helping our friends in the hospitals with all sorts of logistical challenges.

Total funds raised: £254,392

Additional partner contributions: £20,000

Spent to date: £161,459

Residual funds: £92,923

Over £125,000 of the £254,392 was donated directly by Options employees & contractors.

There was some debate over the summer over what to do with the residual. We took the view it was best to wait and see what transpired in terms of a second wave, and if it passes quietly there will likely be a lot of good causes come the holiday season.

The Robinhood Project JustGiving link is still live. If you wish to donate, please click here.

– Danny Moore, President & CEO

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