COVID-19 Strategy: Update April 6th

COVID-19 Strategy: Update April 6th

COVID-19 Strategy: Update April 6th

6th April, 2020

As March and Q1 have drawn to a close,  95%+ of the our client base (and Options) are now successfully running in BCP mode. COVID-19 is still unleashing it’s full force across the globe and we continue to see a very fluid situation on the business and personal fronts.

March turned out to be the most exceptional month in the history of the firm since it was founded in 1993. We successfully flipped our own teams and all our desktop customers to home working in the space of a few weeks in the midst of historic market volatility and community stress. We’ll publish a blog with some hard data later this week to give a sense for just how much work we got through.

We expect the final wave of BCP related emergency changes to be pushed through the first half of this week and should be in a position to return to more of a business as usual engineering footing after Easter. In that light, we have extended out non-critical change freeze to April 15th.

Assuming we make strong progress in the next few days we plan to have our customary Easter hard change freeze from April 8th to April 14th.

Physical access to a number of Data Centers has been either fully or greatly restricted and so we work closely with Equinix and other partners. Our increase of critical stock levels across all key sites is complete. We do need to set the expectation that our ability to carry on physical engineering work, or logical work with potential physical implications, will be curtailed until these partners lift restricted working.

Dedicated onsite support will continue to be delivered remotely and our office closures remain in place until further notice.

We remain on a heightened security footing and have increased monitoring across all BCP-related infrastructure accordingly.

Our mandate remains: Stay safe, communicate often and keep our clients trading infrastructure running whatever happens.

Finally, we wanted to be proactive on all parts of that mandate. So, to actively help folks “stay safe” we kicked off the #RobinHoodProject to help our frontline medical staff in Belfast, London and New York fight the virus with a £20K target. Unbelievably, we’ve raised over £120K and already distributed half that in much needed equipment (everything from trainers to laptops).

To donate, or to find out more information on the Robin Hood Project, click here:

– Danny Moore, President & CEO

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