Robin Hood Project: COVID-19 Response

Robin Hood Project: COVID-19 Response

Robin Hood Project: COVID-19 Response

25th March, 2020

Finance firms, including those in the FinTech sector, get a bad rap from time to time. New York’s “Robin Hood Foundation”, effectively the charitable wing of the Hedge Fund industry, tries to provide a counterbalance.

In that vein, it has dawned on us just how interconnected the Options team is with the health service in Belfast, London and New York. The same goes for other groups that are now frontline such as teachers. As a group, we have partners, family members and friends putting themselves at risk in hospitals right across the world.

As a firm we are extremely proud of what we achieved in March 2020. We got in front of the crisis ourselves, migrated our entire global client base to working from home (ahead of government restrictions), and ran the platform without a notable glitch.

That said, when talking with the team yesterday there was a sense of emptiness. Simply put, many of us felt the need to step up and do something to help those on the frontlines of this crisis. We know that any contribution we make will pale in significance to that of just one respiratory team but we feel the time is right to see what we can do to help our friends and family on the frontlines.

First and foremost, prevention is better than cure. The very best way to help protect frontline workers is simply to #stayathome to slow the spread of the virus. We have been leaders on this front and have given more than a few nudges to our peers in this respect. Allowing people to work from home, closing non-critical businesses and eliminating business travel really does move the needle.

Next, we wanted to figure out where we could apply our unique strengths to help. And the more we thought about it, the more we came to see that perhaps our unique strengths are in listening to people, as we would our customers.

As a result, we had everyone in Options with a contact in the health service simply ask what the people on the frontlines need. What were the little things that could make a big difference?

Obviously, scrubs, PPE and respirators were at the top of every list, but we quickly found that there were lots of easy wins too:

  • Hand cream (we all know why)
  • Food and drink (lunches)
  • Healthy snacks
  • Toiletries / shampoo / shower gel
  • Towels
  • Transport to & from work at awkward hours
  • Plastic chairs (that can be wiped down between shifts)
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Support at home for childcare
  • iPads / IT to allow remote consultations
  • Flexible, “quarantined” accommodation for rest between shifts
  • Laptops allowing staff to work from home when quarantined

The childcare one really stood out. The point was raised by two separate consultants whose husbands can’t currently look after their young children because they were forced to go to work under threat of the sack. A perspective for everyone who runs what they see as a “critical” business.

Yesterday we made a start and provided the following:

  • We opened up Options’ FonaCab account to Mater hospital staff to use to get to and from work
  • We delivered 20 Pizzas to Northern Ireland’s designated Coronavirus hospital, the Mater Hospital
  • We delivered boxes of cookies, buns and doughnuts to the Mater Hospital
  • We ordered 60 day shift lunches through a local sandwich shop to be delivered to the Mater on a daily basis for the next two weeks
  • We ordered 60 night shift lunches through a local sandwich shop to be delivered to the Mater on a daily basis for the next two weeks
  • We ordered plastic chairs for ProParamedics ambulance crews
  • We ordered plastic chairs for North Middlesex University Hospital NHS staff
  • We began working with O’Neills on providing trainers for A&E staff
  • And we ordered much-needed toiletries, sanitary ware & gloves to Altnagelvin Area Hospital

We have set up a JustGiving page to support these efforts. If anyone knows of any other ways we can help, or if any other companies would like to collaborate, please get in touch by contacting us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

– Danny Moore, President & CEO

8 responses to “Robin Hood Project: COVID-19 Response”

  1. Jennifer O'Brien says:

    I’m a Doctor in Northern Ireland and my brother works in Options l. I just want to say how much this will be appreciated. This is such a kind gesture and is so so welcome as it is desperately needed. Thank you

  2. Alison Marshall says:

    I work in the Mater Hospital and all your contributions were greatly received. It’s not gone unnoticed and from Ward F we thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. God bless you all, you have no idea how much it lifts the staff to be recognised for the hard work that we do and will continue to do for the foreseeable future. Thank you.

  3. R mclaughlin says:

    This is a very thoughtful initiative which will be greatly appreciated Thank you

  4. Megan Ford says:

    Wow, this is fantastic! In these uncertain times this is really needed. Keep it up guys!

  5. Gary Boyle says:

    Well done Options. It’s great to see a local company supporting the NHS when it is sorely needed. Keep up the good work.

  6. Maeve Millar says:

    Thank you so much options. NHS belfast is so grateful

  7. Sarah Savage says:

    Thank you for your kindness it’s very much appreciated xx

  8. Casey Kerr says:

    Great project! It’s awesome what Options Technology is doing to help with the COVID-19 response. Going for easy wins is a great strategy.

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