COVID-19 Strategy: Update March 23rd

COVID-19 Strategy: Update March 23rd

COVID-19 Strategy: Update March 23rd

23rd March, 2020

This morning our thoughts are with all the health service workers globally at the front line of the COVID-19 battle. We salute you.

We’ve asked the management team to find ways we can deploy our energy, technology and expertise to support them in that battle. Please let us know if you have any ideas.

Key updates for this week:

– The Options teams in London, Belfast, New York and Auckland have been working from home exclusively since March 11th. We are actively prompting and encouraging the #stayathome message in these regions;

– The office closures have been extended until Tuesday, April 28th;

– We are now in a full business travel lockdown, with only emergency travel;

– In reality, we had only operated at 5% of normal travel levels month-to-date in March;

– Staff must self-quarantine for two weeks after any air travel, previously this had applied to international air travel only;

– We’ve extended our non-critical change freeze until April 1st;

– Many of our key suppliers have followed suit and brought in their own non-critical change freezes last week;

– Our Data Centre partners, in particular, are tightening their access restriction policies. We are reviewing and increasing critical stock levels across a number of key sites;

– All “dedicated” onsite support in London, Dublin and New York is now being delivered remotely.

The reality is that the last two weeks have been the busiest in our firms history by a mile. We effectively migrated our entire customer base over to WFH in the midst of the most extreme sustained market volatility in history and a global health emergency. Market watchers will have noticed that the top four all time high daily closes on the Vix were in the last two weeks.

Our customer facing, support and engineering teams chopped through a mountain of critical BCP work. The non-critical change freeze will remain in place until we’ve cleared the backlog of critical BCP changes.

It is worth highlighting that our Managed Colo and Managed Apps, all running over our global network, have remained fully operational and without incident over the last two weeks. We expect this to remain the case.

The Cybersecurity community has noted a significant uptick in attacks through March. Our teams worked through last week to roll out the “EternalDarkness” mitigations. We continue to monitor the situation and remain on a Heightened Security footing.

Internally and externally we have laid out a clear and simple mandate: Stay safe, communicate often and keep our clients trading infrastructure running whatever happens.

– Danny Moore, President & CEO


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