Flattening The Curve this St Patrick’s Day

Flattening The Curve this St Patrick's Day

Flattening The Curve this St Patrick’s Day

18th March, 2020

Spring has come around again and with it, St Patrick’s Day – though this year has been a little different…

Over the last few weeks, almost every person on the planet has had to make some change to his or her daily lives in response to COVID-19. All of us have now heard about “Flattening the Curve” and the sacrifices we all need to make to reduce burden on global health resources.

Some people have had to make the difficult decision to take unpaid time away from work or to close their businesses whereas others, like those in healthcare and emergency services, cannot even make that choice. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that only 29% of those in the US are able to work from home. We do not have the statistics on-hand for Ireland, but would wager the figure is lower than that.

The team here at Options are acutely aware that we are among the lucky minority with this choice available to them. We are also acutely aware of our responsibility in Flattening the Curve, and that small sacrifices and actions can add up and ultimately move the needle.

St Patrick’s Day is a public holiday across Ireland (including Northern Ireland) and is celebrated worldwide. At Options, it is a day that is always eagerly looked forward to, and fondly looked back upon. Every year the team in Belfast run a 10K race in the morning, as a warm-up for the evening’s festivities. The folks in NYC often take a lunchtime detour to see the parade on 5th Avenue. The offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Auckland all join in the merriment with everyone, Irish or not, wearing something green per tradition.

This year, the global team made the responsible decision to celebrate St Patrick’s Day remotely – not in our offices, or the parades, or the pubs.

It was different in some ways but in other ways, it was very similar to any other year. The strong relationships and sense of community in our teams meant we didn’t feel like we were working individually, isolated from each other. The arsenal of collaboration tools we have at our disposal allowed us to quickly spin up a video or screenshare meeting between team members at the click of a button (Microsoft Teams), or have multiple people edit a dashboard tracking client BCP status (Monday.com).

It felt like business as usual with the same familiar craic amongst the team.

And, of course, we were all still able to wear green…Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the team at Options!

Ben Boyle, Senior Technical Account Manager

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