COVID-19 Strategy: Update March 12th

COVID-19 Strategy: Update March 12th

COVID-19 Strategy: Update March 12th

12th March, 2020

The situation continues to evolve rapidly across many of the key financial sector hubs where our customers operate. A financial sector event of a similar scale to the 1987 “Wall Street Crash” is rapidly layering itself on top of a global public health emergency. At the time of writing, some key equity indexes including the Dax are down over 30% from their highs. The US equity index futures got halted at limit down.

Overall our perspective is that the situation has escalated dramatically through this week. A number of high-profile customers have switched completely to WFH this week and plan to do so until April at the earliest. Other firms have chosen to close individual offices or floors within larger offices. Things are getting very real.

We’ve received a lot of requests around recommended working from home setups. We’ll post a blog this morning to share our expertise in this area with the broader sector.

The Options team continues to work around the clock to ensure we provide a stable platform for our clients in this challenging time:

– Staff in our London, Belfast and New York offices are now working from home on a BCP test scheduled to last until Tuesday March 17th;

– We’re extending this to include the Auckland office from tomorrow;

– As of writing we plan to operate the Hong Kong and Singapore offices as normal for the rest of the week;

– Our global general engineering change freeze remains intact, allowing our engineering teams to focus wholly on supporting client BCP testing;

– We have cancelled Options’ team participation in all sporting events scheduled through the end of March;

– We can confirm that we are monitoring our Internet and Citrix infrastructure in light of clients switching to home working. Both are running with substantial headroom.

– Given the futures halt today, we’ve opened our start of day operations war room as of 11am UK/7am US.

Finally, we have also instructed our technical account management teams to focus on any client requests that deliver BCP/home-working functionality or extra capacity and to scale back delivery of non-critical requests, ensuring we prioritise the stability of critical infrastructure in an extremely volatile time.

– Danny Moore, President & CEO


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