COVID-19 Strategy: Update March 11th

COVID-19 Strategy: Update March 11th

COVID-19 Strategy: Update March 11th

11th March, 2020

Following from my update on Monday we’ve continued to take strong measures to remain one step ahead of events. Feedback from clients is that their levels of concern continue to rise with high profile offices closures in London, Belfast and New York, combined with extraordinary market volatility.

High level updates:

– General engineering change freeze remains in effect

– Successfully ran a Europe-US BCP-WFH test on Monday March 9th, with the London, Belfast and New York offices closed

– Successfully ran BCP-WFH test in the Auckland office on Tuesday March 10th.

– All the other measures and restrictions outlined in the previous updates remain in place.

We’ve now completed successful BCP-WFH tests in all offices.

As a next step we commenced a longer term BCP-WFH test across the London, Belfast and New York offices this morning, March 11th, running until Tuesday March 17th.

The offices will run with skeleton staff for managing deliveries, etc, with the broader team working from home.

Given our role in providing critical infrastructure to financial firms we believe it’s important to stay one step ahead of events and carry out these ongoing tests in a controlled fashion at a time of our choosing.

In addition, to reiterate messaging from previous updates. Our policy is to provide our full suite of remote access capabilities to all our desktop customers at this moment whether they are contracted or not.

Finally we should highlight that aside from the international travel ban, as of today all other general business activities, onsite client visits, and the like are continuing as usual. We have a number of staff working permanently in client offices. Where onsite is concerned we are taking our lead from each client on a case by case basis.

The focus of our efforts to date has been to ensure that we can operate the global infrastructure seamlessly with all staff working from home for a protected period should the situation deteriorate over the coming weeks.

Danny Moore, President & CEO

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