Options bets big on Arista’s 7130 series switches

Options bets big on Arista’s 7130 series switches

Options bets big on Arista’s 7130 series switches

Announcing an industry first deployment of multi-client access 7130 tier switches

At the foundation of our core network, we have developed a very close relationship with the Arista team, finding their products to be best in class for our use cases. Since the introduction of Arista switching capabilities to our network, we have doubled our total count of Arista switches deployed on the platform year on year. However, if we look at where these devices are deployed, it was not until 2014 that we bet big on Arista. After completing our rollout in US datacentres, we turned our attention to our EU and APAC datacentres and never looked back.

We were very pleased when Arista announced last September that they had acquired Metamako. Having a close partner of ours acquire, what we viewed as, the new golden standard in ultra-low latency switching was incredibly exciting. Being able to lean on our existing relationships to aid in developing our next generation offerings was definitely helpful.

Today, Options is betting big on the Arista 7130* series switches (FKA Metamako MetaMux) in the Options Managed Colocation infrastructure. If our expansion of Arista’s 7150 series switches took our infrastructure to a new level, the 7130 rollout will be a game-changer. By the end of 2019, we will have 12 fully managed 7130s on our platform with an additional 32 new 7130s ready to deploy in 2020; so it looks as though we are on track to quadruple our deployment between 2019 and 2020 with our roadmap indicating we may deploy even more than that!

Being at the vanguard of low-latency technology innovation, we are able to offer a multi-tenant layer 1 exchange access service through the Arista 7130 platform. This enables us to provide clients with a market leading 5 nanosecond multicast for market data access, and 45 nanosecond unicast access for order entry, refresh and retransmission.

Our design is in line with the rest of our Managed Colocation network, including full A/B side redundancy from exchange to server with no single point of failure. Previously this was only achievable by procuring a dedicated upstream exchange connection for every client who wanted to connect. The new deployment is a huge win for Options, as it allows us to provide the industry’s best latency to the markets on the same network that our clients know and love, without sacrificing our hard to beat end cost to our clients.

We have plans to roll this out to many exchanges globally – if you are interested in connecting to our next generation ultra-low latency platform, download our Managed Colocation Service Overview here or talk to a member of our expert sales team here.

* The 7130 series switches offer next generation ultra-low latency layer 1 switching, reducing the cut through latency from 380ns (Arista 7150S) to between 5 and 45ns (depending on operating mode). Options is leveraging these switches to provide ~5ns latency between client server interfaces and various stock exchange multicast feeds across the globe. When utilizing these devices for unicast (order entry, refresh/retrans), Options is able to bring the latency down to ~45ns.

Gareth Mason, Global Head of Managed Colocation Operations and Josh Patel, Senior Network Engineer.

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