Options Partners With KnowBe4

Options Partners With KnowBe4

Options Partners With KnowBe4

Like many shrewd organisations, Options invests heavily to ensure its systems are securely protected. However, regardless of how much money, time and effort any organisation expends on technology, one critical weakness will remain – people!

Knowledge is Power:

Hacking human nature is often much easier than hacking security technology. Why spend hours, weeks or even years trying to crack a password when you could simply ask the user for theirs, find it written on a post-it note attached to a screen or hidden under a keyboard (akin to leaving a key to a high security door under the doormat)!

At Options, we believe that it is essential for our team to understand these and many other cyber risks. With initiatives like Options University, we are committed to ensuring employees have access to some of the highest calibre training and development materials available. Read more about those here.

This year, Options proudly partnered with KnowBe4 – the world’s leading security awareness platform provider. With hundreds of tailored courses, advanced reporting, and automated orchestration running in tandem with our own in house best practice policy, KnowBe4 is helping Options deliver quality security training on many topics, including:

Our Goal – Getting ahead of the Hacker:

Options is delighted to fully incorporate KnowBe4’s platform into our training and compliance DNA to meet the unique standards of excellence required by our sector. We not only plan to grow our security awareness program, but will also leverage it to deliver bespoke employee and client training, from one toolset.

At Options, our goal is to address the cybersecurity challenge through a seamless blend of vanguard technology, training tools and engineering. From highlighting unusual or anomalous behaviour to providing the alerting tools necessary for swift and effective management of system irregularities, our continuously proactive approach gives clients lasting peace of mind.

Security doesn’t end with security tools; well-trained employees and a strong supporting security team are also essential. In 2019 we’ve substantially expanded our team and extended our global operational presence, rolling out a range of rigorous training programs across the board alongside numerous platform security enhancements and the deployment of new cybersecurity initiatives to safeguard our clients’ data. For the latest on our Security, Intelligence and Analytics product offering, download our product sheet here.

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