Using a Sandbox for analyzing Malware – JoeSandbox

Using a Sandbox for analyzing Malware – JoeSandbox

Using a Sandbox for analyzing Malware – JoeSandbox

Malware continues to be one the most prevalent and easily exploitable methods used by hackers to infiltrate sensitive data and execute harmful code. In 2018, a surge in the number of malicious files, URLs, emails or attachments sent to mailboxes led to 76% of businesses falling prey to phishing attacks. With alarming statistics like that, it’s crucial to invest in a secure endpoint client to detect, monitor and stay on top of incoming threat actors. Enter, JoeSandbox.

For anyone new to sandbox provisioning, the technology enables an environment for the safe and effective testing of unknown or untrusted programs, code, applications, websites or files without the risk of causing any harm to the host machine or network. At Options, we leverage JoeSandbox, to detect and analyze potential malicious files and URLs on Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, and iOS. The platform performs a deep malware analysis and generates comprehensive and detailed reports via a secure container that runs in an isolated operating system environment.

Analysing the data from a suspicious attachment detected by JoeSandbox (above) we are able to get a full breakdown of the various malware types associated with the submission. JoeSandbox gives an in-depth analysis of the malware signature; be it data obfuscation, antivirus evasion, sensitive data exfiltration or more. Drilling further into the data we can obtain the following levels of granular detail:

End User Education

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 30% of phishing messages get opened by targeted users and 12% of those users click on the malicious attachment or link. Having a dedicated tool for analyzing potential phishing attacks gives us the ability to gather intelligence and respond accordingly, but always remember the golden rule when it comes to opening a message – ‘stop and think’. Regardless of the infrastructure and technology at your disposal, if you are not 100% sure about a suspicious looking email or attachment, have it analysed and verified before proceeding.

Big Data Analysis

JoeSandbox integrates with Splunk, giving us the ability to routinely process large sums of potential malware data to generate tailor made reports, alerting systems, interactive dashboards and comprehensive visualizations. This level of big data analysis correlates with the real-time data generated by JoeSandbox in a searchable repository, all of which runs in tandem with our round the clock cybersecurity analytics and alerting systems.

At Options, our goal is to address the cybersecurity challenge through a seamless blend of vanguard technology, training tools and engineering. From highlighting unusual or anomalous behaviour to providing the alerting tools necessary for swift and effective management of email irregularities, our continuously proactive approach gives clients lasting peace of mind.

Security doesn’t end with security tools; well-trained employees and a strong supporting security team are also essential. In 2019 we’ve substantially expanded our team and extended our global operational presence, rolling out rigorous training programs across the board alongside numerous platform security enhancements and the deployment of new cybersecurity initiatives to safeguard our clients’ data. For the latest on our Security, Intelligence and Analytics product offering, download our product sheet here.

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