#LifeHack – Duo on your Phone

#LifeHack - Duo on your Phone

#LifeHack – Duo on your Phone

A client recently reminded me of how DUO notifications make good use of the iPhone’s 3D Touch feature. It’s not a widely known/understood/loved feature and there are rumors Apple will drop 3D Touch from all new phones. But still, right now it does save some valuable seconds on a frequently done task.

First some background: DUO is our go-to tool for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) – i.e. we use it provide a second level of authentication when accessing critical tools and/or parts of our platform. So, when you sit down at your desk/phone/iPad and want to access it or a web-based tool we’ll send you a DUO notification to your phone to confirm it’s you.

On the iPhone you’ll get a pop-up notification like this:

The hack (which avoids, loading up the DUO app, selecting the alert and hitting “approve”) is that if you long press (3D Touch) the notification, you are able to “approve” the request without having to leave the notification. Very quick and very simple.

Long press (3D Touch) the notification to quickly approve

On Android, DUO makes good use of notifications too but you do have to tap it 3 times to approve the request. Just make sure you have notifications set to “on” in the DUO app settings on your phone.

Here’s a short video demonstrating both in action:

Stevie Morrow, Chief Operating Officer

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