Kick-starting A Career in FinTech: 5 Top Tips

Kick-starting A Career in FinTech: 5 Top Tips

Kick-starting A Career in FinTech: 5 Top Tips

To mark the official launch of our 2020 Graduate & Placement Programme, we’ve asked our 2015 Graduate Programme Alumni to share their top tips for kick-starting a career in FinTech. Some of them have gone on to base themselves full-time in our New York, London and Hong Kong offices. Some have developed new products that have been released directly to our clients and several now manage their own teams. So what advice and top tips do the Graduates of 2015 have for this year’s intake?

1.) Learn “Who’s Who” and say “Hello”

Options has grown into a 250+ person organisation with an ever-expanding global presence. With many of our teams located across multiple locations, it is always beneficial to learn who’s who by taking time to get to know everyone. Whether through company IM or in person, make a good first impression by introducing yourself early on. If you need assistance, ask for it. There will always be someone who can help you navigate the unknown or troubleshoot a question. In a welcoming, friendly organisation like Options, members of every team will happily share a bit about what they do. Who knows, a few questions and conversations later, you may decide you’d like to progress into their team!

2.) “Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.”

While there may be “no such thing as a stupid question”, in our experience, there is such thing as a lazy question. Our top tip: before you ask a question, research the issue, ascertain the facts and, try your best to resolve and learn from the task independently. Consider what useful details can be established and show you have taken the time to understand the problem. As with most challenges for new-starts and beginners, a curious attitude combined with an appetite to solve the issue will go a long way. When you join a high-growth company like Options, many of your colleagues will be more than happy to help you, but the best way to learn is through doing.

3.) Learn How To Structure Communication

Whether it’s a client, your line manager or a colleague, always think about how you can best communicate. Avoid lengthy and unnecessary emails, and when required, condense points into a simple and easily consumed structure. Never underestimate the power of meeting minutes, a well-timed status update and (if you’re really on the ball) a detailed email subject line. If you travel to a new office, take advantage of communicating face to face, go out and get a coffee, play a game of pool or simply introduce yourself when the opportunity arises.

4.) When You Spot An Opportunity – Jump On It!

Throughout your first year at a company, you will face challenges both in and outside of your role. By going the extra mile, you will have a much better chance of developing your abilities and owning the direction of your career. At Options, these opportunities come in many forms – whether it be the chance to travel, working with a different team or meeting with clients face to face, say yes to opportunities that help you step outside your comfort zone! Every challenge is sure to teach you something new and help you become more confident in your role.

5.) It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

We mean this both literally, and figuratively. Options is a company with endless opportunities for growth, so pace yourself, embrace the challenges and enjoy building your career. Options also fosters a culture where fitness is integral to our business, as well as our sporting endeavours. By getting involved in additional group activities (read more about those here) you will improve your fitness, get a healthy dose of endorphins and make friends along the way.

So, from the Graduates of 2015 to the Graduate and Placement students of 2020 and beyond – good luck, embrace the challenges, enjoy learning new skills – we look forward to seeing where a career with Options takes you!

If a startup culture of empowerment, progression and training is something you’d like to be a part of, discover more about our career opportunities here. Our Graduate and Placement Programme is now open. Applications can be found here.

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