Staying Startup In A Growth Company

Staying Startup In A Growth Company

Staying Startup In A Growth Company

When I joined Options in 2013, I was fortunate enough to already know some of the team having previously worked with them in Wombat, a start-up that went on to dominate the low latency feed handler space and get acquired by NYSE in 2008. Incidentally, Wombat’s acquisition helped pave the way for what is now a booming FinTech sector in Belfast and a host of entrepreneurs in the sector. One of the key cultural traits we fostered within Wombat, and do so now within Options is staying startup, where we developed the Startup-in-a-Startup Model. Individuals (founders) are given the freedom and encouragement to take an idea and run with it (build their startup in our startup).

Businesses that seek to generate the same kind of start-up-like growth can’t ignore the power, innovation and entrepreneurship that goes hand in hand with a small team of people who know how to work together and get stuff done. The success and continued growth of Options is owed (in no small part) to the closeness of our teams and our ability to nurture that trust and familiarity in tandem with the rapid acceleration of our services and international growth.

Here are the key ingredients that make our Startup-in-a-Startup model a success and a breakdown of the simple steps involved:

  • Team
    • Leverage the young (and young at heart) talent within the team.
    • Locate the smart thinkers and doers – think big.
    • Find a common ground with those who are ambitious and want to deliver.
  • Market
    • Don’t be afraid to go and see clients.
    • Gauge client appetite for what you want to provide. (Clients are a great source of feedback)
    • Realise the product / service (tech minded clients are usually pretty happy to chat about something new and cool)
    • Is it cool? How does it solve a problem and benefit their business, efficiency and productivity?
  • Environment
    • Trying something that doesn’t work out is better than not trying something at all.
    • Understand the creative potential of groups of like-minded individuals.
    • Make it fun. Enjoy the process of collaboration and don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Access
    • Give your team access to the software / hardware you need.
    • Allow room for training and/or expertise to make the idea something real.
    • Have a support network in place to help with the technical and business issues you may encounter.

Roger Rooney, VP Operations

If a startup culture of empowerment, progression and training is something you’d like to be a part of, discover more about our career opportunities here.


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