Building Fitness Into Company Culture

Building Fitness Into Company Culture

Building Fitness Into Company Culture

‘Your Health is Your Wealth’ – simultaneously a snappy slogan and a wise adage you can use to motivate yourself to keep fit, healthy and well-balanced. In a welcomed trend, many companies have been promoting the concept of their team’s health and wellbeing as a priority. But aside from rhyming maxims, why should companies encourage wellbeing both in and out the workplace?

For many, especially those in the financial technology sector, office time is often spent looking at multiple computer screens, sitting in ergonomic chairs and intermittently visiting the coffee machine. Naturally, studies show us that excessive sitting, poor diet and lack of exercise are linked to obesity, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Alarming as the statistics may be, making exercise and self-care a priority is often easier said than done. Balancing a demanding workload with enough healthy eating and trips to the gym is by no means an easy process. In recent years, Options has taken a hands-on approach to fitness in the workplace; from marathon challenges, tough mudders, touch-rugby tournaments, park runs, golf outings, and weekly 5-a-side challenges, there are no shortage of leisure activities (catering for all abilities) to get involved in. We’ve also introduced discount gym membership, height adjusted desks, a bike-to-work scheme and a weekly supply of fresh fruit and veg to help motivate our workforce and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Here are three reasons why we value integrating health and fitness into company culture:

Wellness Improves Contribution

As the ‘biggest challenge to employee wellness’, stress in the workplace is a challenging and often underestimated fitness component. At Options, we’ve taken practical steps to ensure our team’s physical fitness also extends to their mental wellbeing. Whether through peer-to-peer mentoring, work from home flexibility or simply having a flat enough structure to ask for help without judgement, there are no shortage of resources at Options to ensure employee wellbeing is nurtured and facilitated from the ground up.

Creating the Right Company Culture


Instilling a company culture of health & fitness is a key part of Options’ wellness initiatives. We actively encourage participation in our annual marathon challenges and have, year on year, outdone both our fundraising achievements and overall involvement. In 2018, our Belfast marathon team was comprised of four relay teams and five full marathon participants. Thanks to their efforts, Options fundraised over £5,000 for our 2018 charity partner, Action Cancer. Other grass roots initiatives taking the company by storm are Options’ regional 5-a-side teams, thanks in part, to world cup fever and our newly branded football shirts!

Team Spirit

Whether it’s taking a leap of faith on a touch-rugby tournament or running a few extra miles in a company relay, there is no doubting the camaraderie, achievement and sense of community that comes with being part of a team. Collaboration and integration is not only a product of competitive sport, it also fosters a team that thrives in the workplace. At Options, we pride ourselves on being transformational industry leaders and innovators, whether or not the same applies to our 5-a-side dexterity, remains to be seen – what matters is that we come together each week to enjoy the sport, learn from each other and hopefully grow as a team!

Mogue, Options Procurement

After several months of training, the Options team have 26.2 miles of endurance awaiting them in this Sunday’s Belfast City Marathon, 5th May, 2019. We are raising funds and awareness for our chosen charity, The Children’s Heartbeat Trust, a local charity supporting families of children with heart disease in Northern Ireland. Lend your support, here. 

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