We Are Women In Tech

We Are Women In Tech

We Are Women In Tech

On Wednesday, 6th March, five members of the Options team attended the Women In Technology Conference in Titanic Belfast.  This one-day event was billed to “gather both female and male role models who innovate, challenge and embrace technology” but the attendees from Options found it to be far more than that. Here are their thoughts on the event:

“The Women In Tech Belfast conference was an amazing experience, far exceeding my expectations. I left feeling inspired, empowered and with a deeper sense of how we can free ourselves from limiting beliefs and self doubt. The session on career coaching in teamwork and management was full of lessons, not just for women, but for all employees, on how to get to the top and bring your team with you. Anita Sands’ keynote was the highlight for me. Her introduction alone (sitting on three silicon valley boards; Symantec Corporation, Service Now and Pure Storage) was enough to open my eyes to what is achievable. Her message about speaking up for yourself and being a voice for other women was very thought provoking and something I hope to take back to Options. We all deserve a voice, a place at the table and the chance to make our mark.”

“I was blown away by the words of Anita Sands at the Women In Tech Belfast conference, when she spoke of doing it not just “for my good”, but for the good of her two-year-old daughter, Rosie – perhaps my own two-year-old daughter, also Rosie, made it hit home a little bit harder. When did I stop being fearless? When did I stop speaking up? I want to speak up for HER good. Anita sighted Emma Watson, “If not me, who? If not now, when?” Following the conference, I headed back to the day job with a fresh mindset…from big data to big girl pants! The day has certainly made me think about finding the balance.”

“As someone who organises events, I often find myself on the other side of the registration table (which generally means I hold events to a particularly high standard). The Women In Tech conference did not fall short. I’m glad to have taken part in the conference, and thankful that Options created the opportunity for my colleagues and I to attend. I found guidance from speaker, Anita Sands who reiterated the need to speak up, if not for ourselves, then for those around us and for the children that we may have some day. I felt grateful to the women who came before me, who fought for my right to go to university, own a home and build my career – things I sometimes take for granted. The conference enlightened me – it is not only my right, but my duty, to grab opportunities full-throttle, to run with them, use my voice, act, grow, know my worth (battle “imposter syndrome”!) and help my fellow women along the way. It saddens me that even in 2019 some do not recognise or address the issue of inequality, but the conference reignited a fire in me to carry on pushing regardless. I’m very thankful to Options for all they do in creating equal opportunities, and championing women in business too.”


“I took home a lot from the Women In Tech conference. From an insightful career coaching session with Niamh Shiells:

  • Learning and self-care should be a priority
  • Build networks inside and outside the office
  • Meet with like-minded people and work on your goals together
  • Be helpful. Work for the team’s best interests as well as your own
  • Find a mentor who can share knowledge, skills and perspective with you.

From Keynote Speaker, Anita Sands;

  • Don’t doubt yourself – know that you deserve to have got where you are because of YOU (not luck!)
  • Build other women up, speak up for them, draw them into conversations, ask their thoughts
  • Don’t be afraid to give feedback, and most of all – use your voice.

These tips and inspirational words really struck a chord and are things I hope to carry forward in my role with Options.”

“I had such a good day at Women in Tech Conference Belfast; it was an absolute pleasure to hear Anita Sands speak along with the rest of the women who were involved. Most enlightening for me were Melanie Eusebe’s comparisons between a growth and fixed mind-set. The idea behind it being – with a fixed mind-set, you believe that your character, intelligence, and creative ability are static givens that we can’t change in any meaningful way. Whereas by adopting a growth mind-set, we can understand our character, intelligence, and creative ability and can develop these with effort and energy. There have been many moments in my life where I have thought “I would never be able to do that”, whereas now I realise there is no reason you can’t do something, it just requires some hard work. With that in mind, I have since signed up for some advanced network training.”

At Options, we are serious about building the best global technology organisation in our business. Creating an environment that promotes development and empowerment is integral to this, and so events such as the Women In Tech Conference are vital. If a culture of empowerment, progression and training is something you’d like to be a part of, discover more about our career opportunities here.

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