10,000 and still growing…

10,000 and still growing...

10,000 and still growing…

Here at Options, we hit yet another major milestone – 10,000 devices are now live in our monitoring environment. This generates a combined 200,000 checks on the platform, approximately 500 checks per second! From Operating Systems, Server Hardware, Network Infrastructure and Storage to bespoke Application monitoring, there is nothing we can’t cover. All of this across 40 data center locations worldwide and countless customer offices. To assist our dedicated team of NOC engineers who have eyes on the platform 24/7, all of this information is available on a single screen.

Our Customers have full access to see their own dedicated Nagios server, allowing them to see issues as soon as they occur – and the work our engineers are doing to fix it. The performance data we collect is stored indefinitely, allowing us to track patterns over time and spot recurring issues before they happen.

At Options we pride ourselves on finding scalable automated solutions to complex issues. These range from keeping our monitoring up-to-date to ensuring every server is automatically added to our monitoring during build out and staying there until it has been decommissioned, ensuring no server gets left behind.

Our system constantly scans the platform to find critical services or network links that may have been missed and automatically adds new checks to ensure that everything is covered.

We work closely with our customers to provide a tailored solution to their monitoring needs. Whether through creating new checks specifically designed to interact with their products to integrating existing checks they may already have into our platform, our highly customized dashboards show all of the required information in a single location.

Rick Browne,  Monitoring & Automation


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