Mobile Iron: A Technical Brief

Mobile Iron: A Technical Brief

Mobile Iron: A Technical Brief

Mobile working has come a long way in a relatively short space of time. In the last 20 years we have moved from clunky laptops and brick-like phones to a world of super-slim tablets and powerful smartphones. Nowadays these devices are able to store and access vast amounts of information from anywhere in the world. With more and more businesses relying on employee mobility, the risk of lost, stolen or compromised devices is on the rise.

Reliance on weak security controls and even weaker governance for protection against attacks and potential data loss is no longer a viable option. So what else can we do to ensure mobile data has the best defence in place and how can we help safeguard our data should we fall prey to cyber crime?

This is where Mobile Device Management (MDM) steps in. MDM allows businesses to enforce security policy, manage inventory, remove data or erase a device if necessary. From a connectivity perspective, lost or stolen devices can also be deactivated, accessed or even remotely erased when required.

As an MSP to the global financial services industry, it is critical that we provide our clients with a best-of-breed MDM solution. We partnered with Mobile Iron so that we could securely manage mobile devices and at the same time provide our end users with a true native experience. What’s more, Mobile Iron not only safeguards sensitive data, it alleviates the associated risks once a device has been compromised.

MobileIron facilitates:

Data Loss Prevention: Functions such as copying and pasting are not permitted which ensures increased security of sensitive data.

Secure System: Businesses can be confident that that their data is safe against potential threats through ‘App Containerisation’. App Containerisation allows encryption of business data, ensuring separation between business and personal data.

Remote Management of users and devices: There is no doubting that a lost corporate mobile device represents a significant threat to any business. Providing the ability to locate, lock, and even wipe lost/stolen devices is important. Mobile Iron allows us to do this with ease and agility.

App Management: MobileIron can selectively configure settings for both emails and applications on a secure platform for employees across numerous operating systems. This ensures that corporate data is inaccessible to unauthorized applications, therefore reducing potential threats.

Cost Efficiency: Allows organizations to potentially cut costs as MobileIron can be used with both company and personal devices. Users can also setup devices easily, with simple step by step instructions, increasing user productivity.

Remote Access: MobileIron facilitates remote access to internal resources. For example, a user can access internal websites through their Mobile browser.

– Ruairí Corrigan, Vulnerability Management

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