Trend Micro OfficeScan XG: A Technical Brief

Trend Micro OfficeScan XG: A Technical Brief

Trend Micro OfficeScan XG: A Technical Brief

Given the ever-rising number of security threats out there, it is hard to tell the good from the bad these days. It’s even harder to figure out what security solution is best for your business. A stand-alone anti-virus software paired up with multiple anti-malware solutions on a single endpoint can muddy the waters. With all the products out there, it is increasingly difficult to understand what is helping your security posture and what is hindering it. That is where Trend Micro Office Scan XG comes in to play. Using a blend of threat detection techniques, Trend XG, can help eliminate a range of security gaps on any endpoint.

As well as addressing vulnerabilities, TrendMicro are discovering them. TrendMicro’s research wing, the Zero Day Initiative, is the market leader in vulnerability discovery. They discovered over 66.3% of vulnerabilities in 2017 alone according to a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan on the Global Public Vulnerability Market.

Source: Frost & Sullivan. Analysis of the Global Public Vulnerability Research Market, 2017, February 2018.

In one reliable package, TrendMico OfficeScan XG can help provide a multitude of endpoint protection capabilities. Alongside IvantiNessus and more these additional Trend Micro solutions can further strengthen endpoints on our platform. Let’s run through some of Trend Micro OfficeScan XG features.

OfficeScan Agent

An endpoint with the Trend agent installed is secure both on and off the corporate network. This provides 24/7 protection to all hosts on our platform. With the OfficeScan Agent installed, you can rest assured that even when travelling or working from home, you are in safe hands.

Ransomware Protection

Mention the word WannaCry to any InfoSec professional and you will soon be reminded of the importance of Ransomware Protection. Trend Micro OfficeScan XG’s ransomware feature can assist in identifying and blocking ransomware programs by recognising common user behaviours. It also has the capability to block processes known to be associated with ransomware programs and prevent customised executables from infecting your network.

Anti-Exploit Protection

Imagine a real time scan that has the capability to detect and block threats using Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. That is exactly what OfficeScan XG’s Anti-Exploit Protection feature can do. Any publicly disclosed vulnerability will be known to OfficeScan XG. On top of this, it has the aptitude to assist in dealing with it.

Device Control

Device Control regulates access to external storage devices. In practical terms, this feature allows us to prohibit the use of USB devices. In this current climate, data protection is everything. Device Control is critical in preventing data theft. With OfficeScan XG we can closely monitor, block and manage all external device activity.

Predictive Machine Learning

This function uses feature analysis and investigative process monitoring to protect your network from new, previously unidentified, or unknown threats. Predictive Machine Learning has the proficiency to aid in protecting hosts from Zero-Day attacks by assessing the probability that a threat exists in a file or process.

TrendMicro OfficeScan XG is definitely one of the most robust security solutions on the market. We are only scratching the surface of OfficeScan XG’s capabilities and they have many exciting products lined up for 2019. Keep up to date with further OfficeScan XG updates on the TrendMicro website here

– Patrick Collins, Vulnerability Management

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