Start your 2019 with Options' 19 security considerations

19 for '19

19 for ’19

Today we can access more data than ever before and connectivity is no longer confined to the office. Data is now available at home, when travelling and at any time of the day. Stealing that data has never been more attractive to hackers. Exercising caution and following some simple guidance is a great way to start the year. To help, here’s our 19 for ‘19 security best practices.

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Options understand that the data security and integrity concerns of capital markets institutions are as acute as any sector in the economy. Accordingly, we’ve built and matured the security fabric protecting digital assets into the Options platform over the past 10 years to address those unique challenges. Options has invested significantly in our infrastructure in order to meet the increasing security demands service providers are facing in this space. All of the components touched on above are key building blocks that form our security offering to clients. We’ve built and matured the Options global private network over the past 10 years, enabling best-in-class information security for our clients. While other vendors in the space continue to use VPNs, customers leveraging the Options platform can harness a fully resilient and secure global platform with high bandwidth and low latency.

We provide our customers with a unique blend of operational agility with paramount information security by combining the best attributes of public and private cloud computing to deliver a solution which offers:

• Physical hardware isolation as a standard implementation pattern.
• Extensive administration credential encryption and control.
• Robust network intrusion detection and protection measures.
• Multilayered network and security change request controls.
• Private network access control.

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