Racking up 2 million miles in 12 months with Options

Racking up 2 million miles in 12 months with Options

Racking up 2 million miles in 12 months with Options

When I joined Options’ Graduate & Placement Programme in June 2018, I knew that travel was going to be a big part of my training. But I never expected to be part of Options’ 2 million mile journey! This year, we’ve already surpassed our 2015 employee travel stats by a staggering 200%! Crunching the data from August 2017 to August 2018, team members at all levels have travelled between our London, Belfast and NYC offices on an almost daily basis…

At Options, travelling to each of our regional offices for technical training gives new starts like myself the chance to truly hit the ground running. What’s more, opportunities like these aren’t solely reserved for the chosen few. Whether you’re a placement student or graduate hire, junior or senior level, travel and training is not only encouraged, but available to everyone at Options. As such, the Graduate and Placement Programme has (in the space of 4 months) taken me to Dublin, Tokyo, London and Geneva. And if you thought that was impressive, I’ll soon be travelling to New York for the next phase of technical support training and development.

Besides the freedom and luxury of international jet-setting, the ability to be onsite with our clients and have valuable face-time with the wider team has provided me with a truly unique insight into the financial services industry and the technology underpinning it. As an industry leader in IT managed services, Options’ award winning platform combines the latest advances in hybrid-cloud, cybersecurity and mobile technology. With such a broad mix of projects and cutting edge-edge technology to play with, the opportunities to learn are endless.

– Jason, Technical Support Engineer (Options Graduate & Placement Programme)

The Options 2019 Graduate & Placement Programme launched on the October 01, 2018. To apply, please submit your CV & cover letter via our careers page.

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