Patch In Time, Catch The Cybercrime… Why We Trust In Ivanti

Patch In Time, Catch The Cybercrime… Why We Trust In Ivanti

Patch In Time, Catch The Cybercrime… Why We Trust In Ivanti

If you’re a frequent reader of our Patch Tuesday blogs you will know that at Options we patch by default for 100% of our desktop estate. Given the volume of vulnerabilities highlighted each month, maintaining this patch cadence could be a mammoth task. On our platform there are multiple operating systems and tonnes of third party applications. It’s one thing hosting them all, it’s a completely different beast keeping them up to date. Luckily at Options, we’re all about automating and we use a killer application for such a challenge.

Ivanti Patch for Windows is a hunter! It scours all workstations and servers across our platform, physical and virtual, online and offline. It analyses each for missing updates and then deploys and patches everything from traditional Windows OS issues to our third party applications. All done in a centralised patch management console that makes light work of our intensive patching schedule and keeps our platform and clients’ systems healthy.

Here are some features of Ivanti Patch for Windows that have given us more than just our time back:

  1. Windows and Third Party Application Patching

Don’t be fooled by the name. In addition to the full Windows suite, Ivanti Patch for Windows also patches a host of major third party applications such as Java, Chrome, Firefox and Acrobat to name a few. Considering the National Vulnerability Database claims 86% of reported vulnerabilities stem from such applications, with updates issued sporadically, this feature can’t be underestimated.

  1. Remote Task Scheduling

With so many clients on our platform, it’s important that we have a versatile patching tool that allows us to tailor to the individual operational needs of each firm and schedule outside critical production hours. Ivanti Patch for Windows affords us the flexibility to schedule patching according to the least impact to our user base.

  1. Instant Patch Deployment

It takes a week to be weak! 7.5 is the median number of days it takes for a vulnerability to be exploited according to Recorded Future Research. Ivanti Patch for Windows combats this by allowing us to patch in minutes. Should an emergency patch come along, we can apply it long before the median number!

  1. Single Pane View

The benefits of being able to see and control everything from one centralised console needs no explanation. The dashboard includes a breakdown of patch classification, the corresponding security bulletin details and what exactly the patch is addressing. On top of this, we can see machine names, machine groups, and scan type among many other useful features.

  1. Detailed Reporting

Ivanti Patch for Windows consolidates data into highly detailed low-level and high level reports. This flexibility allows us to tailor patch reports for each client and seamlessly integrates into our extensive Splunk database for advanced platform-wide monitoring of security incidents. With Splunk, we will know instantly what machines are protected. Any that aren’t, we can patch in minutes with Ivanti Patch for Windows. This means the next time a Meltdown/Spectre/WannaCry comes along, we can provide automated reporting and a solution instantly.

  1. Non-Security Patching

While security patches are the crux of what Patch Management is all about, Ivanti Patch for Windows can also detect and deploy feature patches. This deals with all kinds of buggy issues and ensures our applications run both securely and smoothly!

  1. The Ivanti Agent

If you’re worried about your remote machines, the cloud based agent of Ivanti Patch for Windows enables us to protect systems that do not connect normally to the corporate network. Home desktops, laptops and devices are no longer the weakest link as they are as patched, secured and up to date as much as the on premise devices.

According to the Kroll Annual Global Fraud and Risk report, 86% of businesses reported a cyber-security related incident in 2017.  In an age where cyber-attacks are at an all-time high and on the rise, Ivanti has enabled us to achieve a zero tolerance patch policy with minimal engineering time and our clients have never been better protected.

Patrick Collins, Vulnerability Management

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