My Year In Finance: More Rewarding Than Taxing

My Year In Finance: More Rewarding Than Taxing

About 18 months ago, I was doing what 99% of trainee accountants do – learning my craft in the traditional accounting consultancy environment. I quickly realized that I was looking for something a little less conventional to advance my career. I found it at Options. The perfect job for me is a combination of meaningful challenge, international travel and working with people who are leaders in their fields.  I can say, without a doubt that my first year in Options delivered on all three counts!

The Finance team offers incredible exposure to accounting at all levels within the organization and so it didn’t take long for me to reap the benefits of the wealth of knowledge around me.

 Q1 – Balancing the Books

Any new calendar year at Options begins with the completion of our audit cycle.  Under the guidance of our Corporate Controller and CFO, I helped coordinate three 2016 audits. This was an entirely new experience for me and one that definitely put my skills to the test. Following what seemed like a never-ending requirements list, we had the coveted signature on our accounts, and I had earned my training smarts in the arduous audit process.

My second personal milestone was helping deliver our new, cloud-based accounting software. As part of the implementation team, I welcomed the exposure to a new technology that would enhance the operational efficiency of our Finance team and provide sophisticated data for critical decision-making.

Q2 – Insight into Corporate Investment

The major headline of 2017 for Options was the multi-million dollar investment from Bregal-Sagemount.

Experiencing an investment of this scale so early in my career was an invaluable learning curve, despite not thinking the curve could become any steeper after the audits!  The skills I acquired working closely with our CFO and Corporate Controller as we completed the lengthy financial due diligence period will be invaluable throughout my career, not to mention provide a practical advantage over most of my contemporaries in the field.

Q3 – Putting the Practice on Paper

The support from Options as I balanced studies for my professional Chartered Accountancy exams was invaluable. Everyone, from management to my finance colleagues, was very accommodating. In Options, anyone who is committed to furthering their education or training in their respective role is very much encouraged and supported to do so. Crucially, Options gave me a learning environment and set of experiences like no other, with a nurturing team, whose leaders are always in your corner.

Q4 – Training in New York

To round off my year, I spent two months training in our New York office. Options is not a company that limits travel to a particular business role. Our company is built on face-to-face relationships, both with clients and colleagues alike. In fact, our staff travel so frequently, I’m still not entirely sure I’ve met everyone!

My first weekend in New York was made all the more memorable with news that I had passed my accountancy exams. The rooftop celebrations as the sun set over Manhattan were a truly pinch-me moment!

My career had accelerated more in one year than I could have imagined. Personally, I feel that’s what makes Options one of the most rewarding companies to work for. Suffice to say, my remaining 7 weeks in New York were incredible…

Monique, Junior Accountant

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