Launch Your Career In FinTech – 5 Tips For Applying

Launch Your Career In FinTech - 5 Tips For Applying

Launch Your Career In FinTech – 5 Tips For Applying

So, after three or so years at university you are finally gearing up to put on your graduation cap and get the picture for your parent’s mantelpiece. Of course, a part of this process is asking yourself the question ‘what next!?’

As the saying goes – as one door closes, another opens. In the search for a graduate job the race to get through this doorway can be competitive, wide ranging and at times confusing; it can also be exciting and provide incredible new opportunities that didn’t exist at university. Companies like Options (pardon the shameless plug) invest in their graduates with training around the world, with team members spending time in London, Hong Kong & NYC.

Once you have made your choice about where to apply it’s important to do the correct preparation. Here are our five suggestions for landing that ideal grad job.

(1) Research the company culture, not just its products

It’s very easy to look at a company’s website to find out what they do. Digging deeper and learning about company culture is a great way to demonstrate that you have done some meaningful research. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a company like Options has the same culture as one of the large accountancy firms or other graduate employers. We don’t.

(2) Stand out from the crowd

Making yourself stand out may seem obvious but it is worth noting. Reading similar CVs can be tedious so try to include some (positive) details about yourself that set you apart from the rest.

(3) Research what the company expects of you

If you find an amazing graduate programme with great benefits, make sure you find out what the company actually wants from you. Talk to people who have already been on the programme to get an honest perspective. Events like Options’ recent Careers Social are a great way to meet the team and discover more about the graduate and placement roles on offer.

(4) Don’t just say what we want to hear

This is one of the trickiest of tips to adhere to. We get it. You want to present yourself as the fictional ‘perfect candidate’. But by focusing on things you think we want to hear you are missing your big opportunity: show us your real self and help us understand what you can bring to the team. Try to demonstrate critical awareness and let us hear something we haven’t heard before.

(5) Make the extra-curricular your curriculum!

Programmed a Raspberry Pi to open your curtains at 7:30am each morning? Memorised every line of every Nicolas Cage film? Are your Disc Golf team regional champions? Got an IPA microbrewery in the basement? The special interests section of your application can tell us as much about you as your degree course and classification. Let us know, even if it doesn’t seem related to what you’re applying for!

The Options 2018 Graduate & Placement Programme launched on the 28th November 2017. To apply please email your CV & cover letter to To learn more about the programme please click here.

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