Why Our Partnership With Options Is Good News for Financial Services

Why Our Partnership With Options Is Good News for Financial Services

Why Our Partnership With Options Is Good News for Financial Services

In February, Options partnered with security analytics specialist, Observable Networks. In a guest post, Observable explain the benefits of this partnership and how it will impact network security right across the global capital markets industry.

We recently announced a new partnership with Options, the leading managed service and IT infrastructure provider to the global capital markets industry. We are extremely excited about this partnership because we believe it will deliver a new level of security to an industry with unique and critical security needs.

Traditional security issues are concerning enough, but in the financial services industry, companies must also contend with specialized threats related to insider trading, safeguarding sensitive financial data, compliance, and even preventing disgruntled employees attempting to inflict damage.

For these companies, Dynamic Endpoint Modeling provides a much-needed early warning system. This endpoint monitoring service provides real-time insight into device activity to detect unusual or anomalous behavior, regardless of the source.

Dynamic Endpoint Modeling gives complete visibility into their entire network, so they can monitor:

• Unusual or suspicious employee activity, such as suddenly emailing files to Dropbox, which may be the first sign of data theft or insider trading
• Malware activity or third-party software that may exhibit “buggy” behavior
• Network traffic that results from employee devices and Internet of Things products
• East-West traffic (in addition to North-West) so they can assess all activity, not just traffic destined for the internet.

Here’s what Nigel Kneafsey, Options founder and CEO, had to say about the partnership: “Our platform has evolved alongside the needs of our clients, and this is particularly true in the case of network security. As such, we continue to invest in the leading security-related technologies in order to provide client firms with bulletproof, enterprise-grade infrastructure. The issue of cybersecurity continues to loom large for CTOs in the financial services sector, and the partnership with Observable is just another example of our efforts to provide continued peace of mind to our clients.”

One thing is clear. As threats continue to evolve, and new trends continue to make legacy security tools obsolete, financial services IT providers must do all they can to provide modern security solutions. With Dynamic Endpoint Modeling, Options is making a commitment to its customers to provide great security along with the other great services it provides.

To learn more about Observable Network’s relationship with Options, and how it benefits capital markets customers, read the recent press release.

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