Delivering Business Critical Financial Applications Via Citrix

Delivering Business Critical Financial Applications Via Citrix

In recent years, financial service organizations have increasingly demanded flexible and innovative ways for employees to securely and reliably access business critical applications from the office, at home and whilst travelling across the globe. With over 20 years’ experience hosting front, middle and back-office financial systems and applications, Options are well positioned to deliver the right technology to meet such demands – the Citrix solution deployed on the Options global platform is the leading financial application virtualization delivery solution available on the market today.

Crucially, the Options team has developed an in-depth knowledge of Citrix technology through years of implementing, supporting and optimizing products to leverage its full capabilities. Over a third of Options clients, including leading investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers & financial software vendors, now rely on Options to control, optimize and secure the delivery of complex financial applications via Citrix. Our ability to ensure on-going delivery of a reliable, consistent, high-performing and superior user experience, whilst enforcing the highest data security standards, has been a crucial factor in our clients fully embracing the technology.

Critical to Options’ global Citrix deployment is high-availability architecture with no single points of failure. We ensure users can always access the environment whilst delivering a seamless disaster recovery solution. Load-balanced Citrix Netscaler clusters are used to optimize and control the delivery of applications and ensure that in the unlikely event that a key component of the Citrix infrastructure fails, traffic dynamically routes to an alternate instance. Netscaler allows clients to establish secure delivery channels using 2048-bit encryption to Options’ data centers, ensuring applications and data are accessed securely. Additionally, they provide multi-factor authentication, granular application-level control, context-based policy controls and protection against application and network-layer threats. Enhanced performance through efficiently utilizing available bandwidth and server resources, whilst also providing advanced logging and auditing features, enables Options to build on existing and advanced security architecture. In short, the environment is built to comply with the most stringent of security and compliance requirements.

Another component in Options’ Citrix architecture solution is XenApp – the best-in-class solution for virtual application delivery. XenApp allows Options to centrally manage client applications within secure data centers. We can deliver a consistent quality user experience by implementing intelligent monitors and policies to route sessions to the optimal site based on proximity and resource utilization. XenApp coupled with Citrix HDX provides optimized application acceleration and an enhanced high-definition user experience even over high-latency networks. Key to maintaining service levels within the XenApp environment are the advanced integrated monitoring tools – Citrix Director and EdgeSight. The tools allow Options to comprehensively manage and monitor every aspect of the Citrix environment through real-time assessments, gain insight into performance trends and future scaling requirements whilst providing complete troubleshooting capabilities to help quickly resolve issues.

The combination of a cutting-edge Citrix platform, built and supported by a global team of experienced technologists, best-in-class enterprise grade infrastructure, as well as industry leading data management and business continuity protocols provides Options with an unrivalled ability to deliver business critical financial applications and meet the modern demands of global financial service organizations. For more information on how Options’ Citrix platform can help to meet your business needs or to learn more about our wider financial application solution, Momentum, visit here.


Adam Girvan – MD, Product Management at Options

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