Ten Reasons We Love Equinix

Ten Reasons We Love Equinix

Ten Reasons We Love Equinix

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At Options, ‘delivery’ (or getting stuff done, in simpler terms) and ‘customer service’ are two of our driving passions. They resonate through every decision we make; where we invest, where we locate our offices and the people we hire. We want to be world-beaters and we are always looking for new ways to progress towards this aspiration.

George Bernard Shaw once said that “talent recognises genius, mediocrity sees nothing higher than itself”. In the spirit of this quote, I recently overheard two of our best delivery managers discussing how much they loved working with Equinix. When I asked why, they said: “Basically, they operate a very customer centric, well organised, delivery focused company.” When pushed a little harder, they came up with the following reasons:

  1. They are global and provide colocation or proximity hosting globally, and under one contract (i.e. Bats, Chix, DB/Eurex).
  2. Their account management and sales teams are incredibly responsive when it comes to pricing out proposals – essential where there is a back-to-back agreement.
  3. They are great communicators, particular when it comes to acknowledging requests and providing completion notices.
  4. Their portal is intuitive and easy to use.
  5. Standardisation of processes and procedures globally make them easy to navigate.
  6. They employ their own hot-hands (i.e. don’t outsource it).
  7. Lead times are short and work generally gets done right the first time.
  8. They turn up cross-connects quickly and don’t gouge on the little stuff.
  9. They provide snacks and entertainment in their data centres (a small thing but a real lifesaver during long shifts).
  10. They help with the practical stuff: if we need a ladder or crash cart in a data centre they’ll lend us one, free of charge and without hassle.

The compliments even went as far as their data centre decoration, with one of our team commenting that an Equinix DC “looks and feels like a Dr Who set!”

It is easy to say, “we need to run a customer focused business”, but the reality is that implementing it in a 150 person company, let alone a 1,000+ person company is a lot harder than it sounds. Clearly, Equinix have it licked and Options is certainly the better for partnering with them.



About Velocity – Options’ managed colocation platform:

Velocity is a managed colocation and proximity services platform that gives customers access to all the key liquidity centres globally across all asset classes (equities, derivatives, fixed income and FX).

The platform provides a managed environment for the delivery of direct market data, order entry, servers and colocation space either as a single managed service or individual component services

Velocity leverages the fastest WAN links between key centres, best of breed technologies including Aristaand Solarflare, and operational processes hardened over 20 years in the business. This allows electronic trading firms to run with more agility and cost certainty than traditional approaches.

About Options in Equinix:

Options currently delivers a suite of fully managed services from seven Equinix DCs globally as part of our integrated global platform.

– LD4 London
– FR2 Frankfurt
– NY4 New York
– CH2 Chicago
– HK2 Hong Kong
– SG1 Singapore
– TY3 Tokyo

Services include: low latency market data, execution, managed servers and managed network.

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