Setting Up Windows 10 In 10 Easy Steps

Setting Up Windows 10 In 10 Easy Steps

Setting Up Windows 10 In 10 Easy Steps

Following the popularity of last week’s post on Microsoft’s release of Windows 10, we thought we would help users try it out for themselves. Below is a 10-step guide to setting up the technical preview.

What You Will Need:

(Assuming you’re already running Win 7 or 8 64-bit already)

– Some virtualization software – I’m using VMWare Player or you could try Oracle VM VirtualBox, both are free.

– The Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO files. You may need to sign-up for their Insider Program, also make sure you click on the link to download the ISO files.

1. Open VMWare player and select Create a New Virtual Machine.

2. Select Installer disc image file (iso): and browse to the Windows 10 iso you just downloaded.


3. Select Microsoft Windows and choose Windows 8 x64.


4. Name the virtual machine you are setting up, e.g. Windows 10 Tech Preview.

5. Set how much disk space you want to set aside for the virtual machine, I’ve just used the recommended settings.


6. Well done, you’ve setup the virtual machine! Now select Play virtual machine to finish setting up Windows 10.

7. Select your preferred language, time, currency format and keyboard.

8. Windows 10 will now automatically install.

9. Sit back and wait!


10. And you’re done, enjoy Windows 10.

-Stephen Morrow
SVP Global Account Management at Options.

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