Moving Office In 2015? Consider These Five Points To Make It Quick, Efficient And Hassle-Free

Moving Office In 2015? Consider These Five Points To Make It Quick, Efficient And Hassle-Free

Moving Office In 2015? Consider These Five Points To Make It Quick, Efficient And Hassle-Free

A recent study has shown that moving house can be a more traumatic experience than divorce. Often though, moving office can be even worse. Done badly, you can bury key people for months under needless email and disrupt the workflow of the entire firm. Done well, your team can leave their old office on Friday, arrive at the new one on Monday and hardly notice a difference.

There are two key parts to any successful office move. There is the physical part, which involves sourcing moving companies, managing fit-out firms and co-ordinating with building management, and there’s the tricky part, having the time and expertise required to manage the many third-party service providers involved in any move.

Last year alone, the Options project management team helped our clients make over 30 successful office moves globally, from New York to Tokyo. What’s our secret? A great team, good planning and a thorough checklist.

On the back of these 30-plus office moves, we’ve pulled together a list of the key things you should consider to ensure a quick, efficient and hassle-free office move:

1 – Connectivity
When choosing the site for your new office, ensure you’ve checked with us which carriers are on-net at that address, and that they can deliver to your floor. You’ll always want two different carriers, to ensure your network resilience matches the datacentre resilience offered by Options. Always try to have all parties present during the site survey, so everyone is clear on the route being taken. In our experience, the longest lead time in any project is connectivity. Always place these orders first, and start thinking about potential options three months out. To this point, relocating circuits can be a cost effective option but you may wish to consider ordering new services, as you may be able to secure a better deal and it offers the ability to test old and new services in parallel.
Finally, securing the right to install or upgrade a network is a common stumbling block so try to ensure this is discussed with building management before any physical work is planned. This will save disputes over method statements and planning documents needed by ISP’s etc.

2- Managing the Teams
Try to have regular meetings or conference calls between teams. Firms invariably end-up as a de facto intermediary between fit-out firms, movers, A/V firms, building management and contractors, so always try to ensure the left hand knows what the right is doing. A weekly call will often suffice, and the teams can work directly with a point person from each. Ordering the wrong type of trader desk or a last-minute tweak on the floor plan can mean months of delays.

3 – Comms Room
The comms room is the ‘brain’ of your trading floor, so it’s no wonder it often requires the most thought. We usually recommend our customers run their rack through a standalone UPS unit with resilient power, cooled to an ideal temperature through air conditioning and placed behind a closed, secure door to kill the noise. Options can remotely monitor all aspects of your comms room, from network traffic to temperature, providing regular or automated alerts for your piece of mind. We’ll also provide you with a patching diagram up for each level of the rack, that way you’ll always know where everything is. We also recommend ensuring the floor under the rack can handle the weight, otherwise you could be providing the office below with state-of-the-art Options kit for free!

4 – Floor Plan Issues
An oft-overlooked part of choosing a building for your financial firm is the floor itself. With a well-designed floor plan, each desk can be installed, wired and ready to go within minutes. If not, you’ll have trailing wires, cramped spaces and worst of all, unhappy users. Paying a little extra for better quality desks with cable management and structured cabling with ports either under or on each desk is a very wise long-term investment. To make life even easier, plan for a minimum of 4 power outlets and 2 ethernet ports per desk. With regards to individual users, Options typically prepare a build sheet for each desk detailing the required layout, services and apps to be tested for each member of staff. As in the comms room, a detailed and up-to-date floor and desk plan will save hours on moving day and in the weeks that follow.

5 – Go-Live and Post-Move Clean-up
Finally, where possible, we would advocate pre-testing of network and telecoms services, circuits and ISP links in the new office ahead of the go-live date for the new office. Options can facilitate this in the week(s) before go-live. Then, on the go-live weekend, we typically advise clients to plan for a point at which a go/no go decision is made. This should be factored into the weekend’s plans and should include a contingency should there be a problem i.e can people work remotely or from home? We also typically encourage clients to encourage some users to come in the day before the new office goes live, usually on a Sunday. This allows the key members of your team to get used to their new desks and spot any immediate problems.
In terms of post-move checks, we encourage clients to ensure they have a contact list for each party involved in the move, and ensure they are reachable after go-live. We also typically send multiple engineers onsite on the Monday morning to help users get settled and close out any remaining issues. Add anything raised by a user to a punch list, and just let the engineer work through them until sign-off.

Office moves are rarely problem-free but by following the above checklist, clients can avoid the more common pitfalls. Office for rent When you move office with Options, what we can promise is a project manager who can guide you through the process from start to finish, deal with third parties on your behalf, and ensure you have time to do your job whilst also moving office. The below video shows a successful Options-managed office move for one of our largest clients, if you are planning or considering an office move in 2015 then it is a good place to start.

Hugh and Peter
– Options Project Management

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