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A look into the latest talk in the world of cyber security. 

At Options we believe that our commitment to delivering World Class (or as we call it “Investment Bank Grade”) Cybersecurity and Compliance services is the cornerstone of our ability to serve clients.



The latest information instalment from the National Cyber Security Centre

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Research, News and Perspectives (

Catch up on the latest security News from TrendMicro

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Ivanti Patch Tuesday – Breakdown and Updates

The latest information on Ivanti‘s most recent Patch Tuesday of the year

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Options Patch Tuesday Update

The latest Patch Tuesday analysis from our Vulnerability Management Team

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Microsoft Security

The latest security information from Microsoft

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The Latest from our Security Team

Patch Tuesday Update: July 2021

Patch Tuesday has come around once more, and there is no denying that this month has proven to be a busy one for system administrators everywhere.

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Patch Tuesday Update: May 2021

Another Patch Tuesday has come and gone. IT administrators everywhere will be glad to hear that this one is a bit lighter than usual. Microsoft have released patches for 55 CVEs in this instalment.

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Options Announces AICPA Service Organisation Controls (SOC) Compliance for 10th Consecutive Year

The examination was conducted by independent and fully accredited auditors over a period of weeks beginning in December 2020, who inspected operations and services delivered during the full 12 preceding months.

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Annual SOC Certification

The Significance of the Annual SOC Certification for MSPs

Living in a post-Dodd Frank and Reg SCI era, the concept of stringent regulation and auditing within financial technology is all but ground-breaking.

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F5 Vulnerability Announcement

F5 announced 21 vulnerabilities – of which 7 have been singled out for urgent attention.

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Exchange Marauder Vulnerability – 2021’s First Trial by Fire

HAFNIUM targeting Exchange Servers with 0-day exploits.

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Zoom: Our Top 12 Recommendations

Experienced CSO’s know that how any company responds to a security incident says a tremendous amount about an organisation.

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Cybersecurity Update: EternalDarkness

It never rains but it pours. Over the last two weeks many firms opted to suspend cybersecurity patch schedules to reduce churn while they focus on BCP tests and general COVID-19 response IT planning.

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COVID-19 Scam Emails

Users should be aware of malicious emails and documents circulating on the internet purporting to contain important information regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

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