Cybersecurity Whitepaper: Best Practice Recommendations

Options has been delivering financial technology as a service for over 20 years. No one understands the needs of the hedge fund industry better, and this is especially true when it comes to security. The complex nature of cybersecurity in 2015 demands that any managed platform or IT infrastructure solution must have best practice cybersecurity building blocks at its core. Not just that but the platform must also combine operational agility with absolute information security – the SOC-accredited Options platform does exactly that.

In light of recent cybersecurity oriented initiatives from the SEC and other regulatory entities, as well as an increased number of public and costly attacks experienced across the industry, Options has released an overview of its cybersecurity practices and recommendations for the industry at large.  This document broadly outlines these measures highlighted by the SEC risk assessment, which we recommend as a foundation for the analysis and understanding of one’s cybersecurity risk profile.

To read how Options manage and enhance the security of our clients click here.

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