Velocity market access is available to the client both in the raw exchange protocol, for uncompromised performance, or normalised through feed handling and distribution systems that simplify the development process without adding unnecessary latency.

The Velocity service provides clients with lowest latency and highest capacity direct market access both locally and in key trading centres around the world. A client that is connected to the Options PIPE® platform in one region can position trading systems as close as possible to local and remote financial markets within the PIPE infrastructure and control those systems remotely from across the global private network through Velocity. Clients benefit from proximity to the exchange as well as high performance servers, storage, and network backhaul, and the robustness and resilience of the Options PIPE® worldwide network design.

Clients can choose a mixture of approaches for each exchange, each region and each application depending on requirements at the time. Options administers and manages all key systems and distribution relationships with exchanges and other external parties in a way that leaves the client with the greatest flexibility and capacity to focus on the business behind the market connectivity.

Options’ networking, market connectivity, and support staff control and administer data delivery and exchange relationships allowing the client to focus on trading systems and strategies without these distractions. Backhaul to the client’s primary place of business is carried over the Options PIPE® network at no additional cost to the client and clients have the flexibility to combine Velocity services with Momentum and broader Core facilities to best meet the changing needs of the business.

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