An optimised managed hosting service for all front-, middle-, and back-office financial applications.

The Options PIPE® platform is constructed using state-of-the-art, standardised server and storage technologies that provide the highest degree of outright processing performance as well as flexibility and resilience. These server and storage facilities are located within the global PIPE network and can therefore be connected rapidly to existing market data, broker, fund administrator, and internet targets.

This combination of performance, flexibility and external connectivity enables clients to expand business areas and strategies, add new systems and technologies, and to improve disaster recovery and resilience credentials without costly capital investments in technologies and supporting staff.

The Momentum service allows clients who may have their own existing “core” IT services to add complex bespoke or third party trading and portfolio management systems to their network without purchasing equipment or hiring staff with specialist technical or application skills.

Momentum also allows clients to test new systems, technologies and business opportunities at short notice, and to draw on the considerable technical expertise of Options’ engineers, systems administrators, database administrators, project managers and technical advisors under a simple, well-defined inclusive recurring subscription.

Clients’ projects are more frequently successful because the right server and networking infrastructure are employed from the outset, and because the client has access to a pool of expert technology and technical project professionals who have long-term experience with the technologies and third-parties involved. Projects or activities that do not meet targets can be easily and quickly rationalised at no capital sunk-cost to the client.

A client that is connected to the Options PIPE® network for Momentum services can also elect to take any mix of Velocity and Core services at short notice since all services leverage the same global platform and support personnel.

Test and pursue new strategies and business opportunities without capital investment and without the long lead times and risks that go with doing it yourself.

Add high-performance, reliable computing to your infrastructure, and access the expertise and support of the Options team both locally and globally.

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