My First 100 Days At Options

My First 100 Days At Options

My First 100 Days At Options

5 countries, 10 cities, 100 days. As a new graduate recruit, I can vouch that we definitely do things differently here! With 66% of my first 100 days spent living in another country, it’s safe to say life at Options is fast-paced, ever-changing and full of opportunity. Here are a few of the milestones from my first 100 days.

Day 1: Passport? Check 

25th September 2017, I start my first day as a support technician on the Options Graduate & Placement Programme, tasked with providing remote and onsite support to Options’ global client base. During my interview, I was asked if I’d be willing to travel for extended periods – unlike some other firms, this wasn’t just talk.  Travel is ingrained in Options’ company culture and not reserved for the chosen few, with graduates and placement students spending time in our London, New York and Hong Kong offices.

Day 4: No Standing Still

With an average age of 26, there is a real sense of camaraderie in the Belfast office. The flat structure in Options means that you can approach anyone for help, whether on troubleshooting, clients or industry knowledge. It’s quite the motivation to see that the alumni from the previous year’s programme have already progressed into more technical and senior roles.

Day 12: Mastering the Tech

The Data Analytics team were very welcoming and keen to engage me in some side project training, as Options expand their Splunk usage to provide leading data analytics for both clients and internal users.

Day 17: Travel Begins

I jumped at the opportunity to go for a month of onsite training in Waterloo, Canada (a country that was on my gap year travel wishlist). And if I needed any more reason to go to Canada for a month, there’s an onsite bonus offered as part of the Options incentive programme!

(Laurel Creek Reservation, Waterloo)

Day 22: Client Onsite Training

Under the guidance of Karl, our Toronto-based technical support lead, my first onsite role begins. The intensive training I received in Belfast had me equipped to handle a wide range of support issues, allowing me hit the ground running. Canada sure is cold this time of year, but the scenery is worth it. I ended my month onsite helping Options reach another milestone – our biggest mail migration to date, affecting 1200+ users.

(Toronto, Canada)

Day 54: Building Confidence with NY Clients

I finally arrive at our NYC office and am surprised to see so many people from home who’ve made it their permanent base – I’m hopeful that I’ll do the same one day.

My onsite training continues for the next two weeks during which I have the opportunity to learn the nuances of our NY client’s support needs. I’m finding my confidence grow with each onsite visit and am delighted to build a rapport with executives. Access to our prestigious client offices affords me some impressive views overlooking Central Park, Times Square and the Rockefeller Centre.

(Midtown, Manhattan, NYC)

Day 66: Nailing My Career Path Goals

This was an especially memorable day as I was contacted by the Head of Engineering asking if I would be interested in joining the Data Analytics team, with an official start date with the new team in January!

Day 84: Meeting European Clients

After a quick pit stop at home, I was off to Geneva for another client visit. Geneva is a beautiful place that is situated at the southern point of Lake Geneva and is surrounded by the Alps; another bucket list item checked off!

(The Alps, Geneva)

Day 100: New Year, New Role, Another New Tech For My Belt

To round off my first 100 days, I returned to New York with the Data Analytics team, to provide specialised data security analytics to our clients. One of my resolutions for 2018 was to learn PowerShell and I’ve already been tasked with some scripting.

My story isn’t unique. Options fosters an environment where all, regardless of role or experience, are encouraged to bring ideas and initiative to the table. If you are willing, it pays off. If you are hungry to develop new technical skills, there is no shortage of projects to try out. I look forward to what (or where) the next 100 days will bring me…

David, Technical Support Analyst

(View from Options Company Apartments)

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